Jia Yueting acknowledged tight capital chain LETV closed down nearly 5% on Monday barcarolle

Jia Yueting admitted that the capital chain tension LETV Monday closed down nearly 5% to view the latest quotes Sina Francisco November 7th afternoon, LETV tiaokongdikai Monday, more than 5%, stock prices continued to slump, as of the close, down 1.86 yuan to 37.85 yuan, down 4.68%. Turnover of 1 billion 911 million yuan, turnover rate of 3.98%. From the music network in June 3rd after the resumption of the highest point of 60.98 yuan, up to now, $37.85, LETV has fallen nearly 38%. In November 2nd, media sources said, due to the music as the capital chain tension, about 10000000000 yuan in arrears suppliers, has refused to supply. Affected by this, LETV shares fell sharply after another. November 2nd to 4, LETV shares fell by three in the world market capitalization of about $9 billion 100 million, about $10.42%. Yesterday, the music, as the founder of Jia Yueting in the form of internal mail to recognize the music as a result of the pressure of capital and organization, and said it would take responsibility for this, always only 1 yuan annual salary. Today, Hong Kong stocks cool group opened plummeted, as of press time, cool down HK $0.25 to HK $1.06, down by 19.084%. The music network currently holds 28.9% shares of cool, its largest shareholder. (Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: