Jianzhanglizhi Ji Fen stream six plenary session of the party strictly reinforce the politica lformat

Jianzhanglizhi   Ji Fen stream: six plenary session of the party strictly reinforce the political foundation – Politics – people.com.cn China eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting, held in Beijing from October 24, 2016 to 27. Politburo meeting. Xinhua News Agency reporters Pang Xinglei and Hu eighteenth CPC Central Committee, the Sixth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee, held in Beijing from October 24, 2016 to 27. The major theme of plenary comprehensive focus strictly, for consideration by the two important document — "on the new situation in the political life of the party" Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations". The communique shows that the CPC Central Committee unswervingly push forward the comprehensive strictly political determination, initiated the construction of a new pattern and new state party, will be "the four overall strategic layout more systematically to new heights. Drum also heavy hammer. To win the overall strictly this protracted war, the key lies in whether the formation of building perfect system. Since the party’s eighteen, the central promulgated or amended laws and regulations of the Party of more than and 50, talked, it said Every order is executed without fail., really dry, the iron grip marks. Six plenary session held a victory marked the overall strictly to the institution developed, has important significance of milepost type. The nine aspect when there is Chinese pulse flow, Lingyun pen. The party faces the exam is far from over, all strictly is always on the road. Reporters noted that the plenary session emphasized specification party political life and strengthen inner-party supervision system construction, supervision and restraint of power dense cage system, to further strengthen the overall system security strictly from the top, to strictly implement the comprehensive, deep and fine. Set the tone: "four comprehensive" new strategic height in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to deepen reform to make strategic deployment, monographic study of the Fourth Plenary Session of the rule of law comprehensively and make a decision, the Fifth Plenary Session passed "to build a well-off society in phase of the 13th Five-Year plan" planning proposals. Six plenary session of the Central Committee on several major issues comprehensively strictly, is "the four overall strategic layout logic development, is to coordinate and promote the inherent requirement of" four comprehensive "strategic layout. "Four comprehensive" is the general strategy of governing the country by the Communist Party of china. Comprehensive strictly into the "four comprehensive" strategic layout reflects the Communist Party Chinese concept in governing political innovation. From the theme of the meeting and the agenda can be seen, the CPC Central Committee unswervingly push forward the comprehensive strictly political determination, the release of a clear signal to further strengthen the party’s system construction, will help to promote the management and administration of the party from the "soft loose" to "tight hard". Comprehensive strictly is the eighteen largest since a bright line runs through the work of the CPC Central committee. The new central collective leadership and perseverance to correct the four winds, the formulation and implementation of the eight provisions, a clear signal strictly, is the wind Su ji. Carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, three strict three "," two a "learning education, leading cadres to firmly establish strictly from the real style; from the deepening of reform in the leadership system of discipline inspection, improve the inspection system, to fasten the" cage ", the Party Central)相关的主题文章: