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The delegation of Jinan University visited Rome to expand the cooperation mechanism with the local Chinese Education Beijing China Embassy in Italy Yao counsellor at the embassy met with the delegation and representatives of overseas chinese. (source: the pictures are made by the European Times reporter Zhang Rui photo Beijing) in September 30, according to the European Times reported that in September 27th, the vice president of Jinan University Zhang Hong as the head of the delegation of Jinan University visited Rome. The delegation first visited China Embassy in Italy to visit the Embassy in Italy, Chinese Yao counsellor met with the delegation, and is about to carry out Chinese education, attract overseas Chinese children to study and other topics for the exchange. Subsequently, the delegation went to Italy overseas Chinese Chamber of commerce site and part about Chinese school responsible person discussion. After the forum, the delegation also visited a Chinese educational institution located near Vittorio square in Rome. The morning of September 27th, the delegation of Jinan University first went to Chinese Embassy in Italy to visit the Embassy in Italy, Chinese counsellor Yao Cheng, director of the Department of consular Li Fan at the Embassy reception hall met with the delegation. Members of the delegation’s visit, including Zhang Hong, vice president of, admissions office director Huang Yuexiong, Dean of the school of education,, director of the Graduate School of education, director of the office of foreign exchange and cooperation, chief of the Department of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, Jinan University. Zhang Hong (left) and Dai Xiaozhang (right) signed a cooperation agreement. In the two sides during the symposium, vice president of Jinan University Zhang Hongxiang counselor Yao Cheng introduced the basic situation of Jinan University. Zhang Hong said that since the Chinese education Jinan University attaches great importance to overseas Chinese children, one of the main purpose of this trip is positive and the Chinese Italy local educational institutions to communicate and seek to establish cooperation, understand the difficulties, Hua Wenjiao educational institutions overseas education of pain points, and hope that through their own resources Jinan University to resolve these difficulties, pain points, and ultimately to promote the development of overseas Chinese education purpose. Counsellor Yao Cheng of the delegation welcomed, he said, is worthy of the name of the Jinan University Huaqiao University, especially renowned in Southeast Asian countries, is expected in the near future, Jinan University, through the continuous improvement of the degree of internationalization, can get more and more Chinese in Italy and Italy mainstream social identity. Subsequently, Yao Cheng and counsellor delegation is concerned about promotion of Chinese education, to attract overseas Chinese children and local students to study and mainstream society to enhance exchanges and Italy University and other topics were discussed. Afternoon, the delegation went to Italy overseas Chinese Chamber of commerce site and part of care about Chinese education institutions responsible for the forum, Jinan University aims to promote the preferential treatment provided to overseas Chinese students, and support the development of overseas Chinese education. At the meeting, Jinan University proposed a plan for the development of adult education for overseas Chinese tourists, won the unanimous praise of the participants. There are many overseas Chinese said, hoping to participate in the grand finale of the adult education program, to improve their ability. After the forum, Dai Xiaozhang, general secretary of the China Chamber of Commerce in Italy and vice president of Jinan University, a total of.相关的主题文章: