Joyce Cheng refused to learn Adam Cheng’s mother Lydia Sum is the

Joyce Cheng refused to learn Adam Cheng’s mother Lydia Sum is the goddess Joyce Cheng to father Adam Cheng will come. Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 7th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Joyce Cheng [micro-blog] in mother Lydia Sum (Lydia) grew up supporting shade, father Adam Cheng is the entertainment stars, worthy of the name "star two generation". But Joyce Cheng did not because their parents aura in the limelight, but to face the public in frustration experience, overcritical, the final choice to myself, I really side to everyone. From the song "you thin enough" to "goddess", Joyce Cheng successfully opened another sky for himself. Eight years of hard work, Joyce Cheng will have a chance to own the stage, she will be 21 this month and 22 days in the nine exhibition held for the first time to sing "goddess concert 2016" problem. Although from the implementation of the concert to open only two months, the time is pressing, but Joyce Cheng holding the motto, the ship to the bridge naturally straight, cooked to eat anything, as long as the efforts to prepare, time is sufficient. My dress stick to the Joyce Cheng team all have a tacit cooperation, in addition to the "goddess" music director, other makeup hair like her are from elementary. Joyce Cheng does not mince words in singing a lot of a powerful and unconstrained style ideas, the production team won the full support, they are a "though you speak what you want to do," she is really thankful to cry. Said Joyce Cheng will fly to a place in the concert film, play. "This film is necessary and important, which will bring out a first exposure no song, written by a friend and i." Foreign Joyce Cheng grew up to write Chinese and lyrics, is a big challenge to her, she smiled and said: "so from the beginning of 2011 now." Joyce has personal ideas on clothing, feel the light is beautiful evening dress is not exactly like himself, she joked: "you know I’m ‘disgusting’, be sure to include interesting just like me, so one set of clothes I insist on doing, is a very thoughtful dress." Joyce Cheng in the eyes of the most important people, must be the mother of Lydia Sum, this can stand on their own stage, ask her who would like to share? She held back her tears and said, "well, that’s the man. It must be mommy…… Yes, I had a concert with my family, but I didn’t dare to ask them to fly over Canada, because they were both more than and 80 years old, and they didn’t have the heart to go on a long journey. They want to see the heart, had to shoot video." But Joyce Cheng has informed the father Adam Cheng, told him to join in, "he has left a mark in the telephone supervision, the first time in my life, how can he not come." But she was very resistant to inviting his father to be a guest. "No, even if my mother is alive, I want to have is to rely on their own hands, do not want to rely on their parents, it is difficult to do so. In fact, do they have access to a major step, they didn’t want to be hanging in the mouth, the more people know how to analyze, even if do not want to mention, but Mommy is the most affected a person I. She really is my goddess, the most important figure, how not to mention, so began to put down the idea of the past." Adam Cheng is not willing to learn Lydia alive, reminding Joyce Cheng tight.相关的主题文章: