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Junior high school students to play in the demolition of housing abandoned by suspected detonator severely damaged the original title: junior high school students to play in the demolition of housing abandoned by suspected detonator seriously wounded northeast network August 25th news recently, who lives in Baoqing County of Shuangyashan City, 853 farm a group of junior high school boys in the abandoned house demolition when playing a boys see a twisting belt tube very curious, then hand grabbed in his hands, in the hands of the explosion tube immediately, the boys seriously wounded. The boy named Chen, 13 years old this year, Qinghe middle school, the students of class four. Chen Chen stayed in during the summer vacation at home to play, 8 at noon, he ate lunch at home late after the mother said to the classmate Liu family to play, do not come back at night. 9 at 1 pm, Chen Chen and several students came to the warehouse near the abandoned demolition institution within the District, according to a mobile phone for about half a foot long, like the wood with a twisting things hanging in the beam, Chen looked very curious, so he reached out and catch up, less than 5 second, it will explode in Chen Chen’s left hand. Other students quickly hid out not hurt. After the explosion, a student called Chen Chen parents, as well as students called the police. Area police rushed to the scene the first time, Chen Chen will be sent to the 853 farm workers hospital, while investigating. At this time, Chen Chen’s parents also rushed to the hospital in the afternoon, Chen Chen was transferred to an emergency hospital hand surgery branch Harbin fifth. The doctor for examination, diagnosis of left hand explosion damaged the right hand, lower limbs, scrotum wounded. In the 15 day of hospitalization, Chen Chen received a variety of surgery, the condition is stable, but later need to accept the late repair and reconstruction, requires a small fee. Chen Chen’s father is a very strong person, on the farm has repeatedly donated money to help the injured workers affected by the farm, did not want his son out of trouble. In order to save his son, he had to turn to the community for help, hoping that a loving person can lend a helping hand to help the injured son.  : Source: Northeast network editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: