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Kaneshiro Takeshi Dongyu Zhou took the "man manual" female man love overbearing president – Sohu partner Kaneshiro Takeshi Dongyu Zhou took the "Man Entertainment Handbook" and Dongyu Zhou Kaneshiro Takeshi by the netizen exposure photo studio entertainment Dongyu Zhou Sohu in collaboration with producer Peter Chan. "In July and she", and is now in the filming another film "the man manual" city love time, according to the reporter, Peter Chan is still the man "manual" featuring producer, he also invited their cooperation for many years old friend Kaneshiro Takeshi and Dongyu Zhou to take the drama about love, female man overbearing president, and staged a romantic love story of delicious. The day before, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Dongyu Zhou have been friends witnessed, appeared in Shanghai in a building in Huaihailu Road for shooting. The "man manual" is based on the writer’s novel "white man" manual adaptation of love movie, directed by Xu Hongyu, Xu Hongyu is 80 Hongkong young director, had engaged in editing work for many years, "the Warlords", "October besieged city" are his representative works, he also won the two Hongkong film awards the nomination, a Taiwan Golden Horse Award nomination, which made him the Hongkong awards the youngest editor nominees. The Xu Hongyu’s directorial debut with "teacher" Peter Chan for his escort, "man manual" story in Dongyu Zhou’s 29 year old Gu Shengnan as the main line, she is one of the two Inn On Broadway restaurant kitchen, has been with the hotel general manager secret love, the hotel suffered crisis management, general Manager up. Gu Shengnan in the tragic romance, industry after a double blow, met Kaneshiro Takeshi’s come to buy Hotel picky, arrogant Jin Lu and tongue. Two different characters have feelings in the process along the road in the Jin general turmoil, eventually become a loyal dog, her boyfriend. The main thrust of the story is that the magic of destiny is that the right person may appear in the wrong way. As a 90 flower, "girl" Dongyu Zhou in recent years in the film on the way to go more and more, not only cooperation Chen Kuo-Fu, Peter Chan and other famous director, acting has been confirmed, in the upcoming film "in July and she", you can see Dongyu Zhou’s unexpected acting performance. In addition, she and Tsui Hark, Yuen Wo Ping costume fantasy martial arts film "Qi Men Dun Jia" is finished, is expected to meet with the audience next year.相关的主题文章: