Kira this three of the universe magazine cover, it is the actress who

Kira: this three of the universe magazine cover. It is the actress who were some time ago wrote a summary of the Taiwan version of "VOGUE" covers twenty years. Is this: "ha ha ha | Taiwan" VOGUE "for twenty years, in the end who hate female star? And then some people say: Well, today as you wish, come together to review the end of the century to the beginning of this century, the mainland’s three classic cover it! Which three major journals? Of course not "clothing and beauty" "bazaar" and "Elle". Long before the three publication in China to take root and blossom, my heart are the sons and daughters of the Bible is the following three — "bosom friend" for the three or four line of the city society and worry all the time for reading stimulate readers, "salon" is tantamount to the hearts of their desert oasis. The "salon" will be shelved before going to bed on the bedside table, coffee table beside the chair mahogany, knitting TV cover side of the incense burner, the toilet pit side stool…… It is a lot of moisture to thirsty soul, let the neighborhood aunt have endless topics, let uncle know there are so many tea being bullied by the little girl in the big city, let the students understand the ignorant in the distant mountains, many were sold in the bride…… "Friends" in the hearts of countless people, of course, is the big issue. So many domestic and foreign star, ought to be to get on the cover of "bosom friend" proud. — though, "bosom friend" cover a look is not taken by myself and there is no copyright is very hard to say…… The "salon" cover, forever is the female star of the most charming appearance and personality moment. The female star is as beautiful as summer flowers, but the best way to enjoy — in high and vigorous spirits, always with the cover title to the tonic. It makes Xun Zhou caught derailed supremacy: let s because the sheets and smile: let Ruby Lin forced to repair the secret: Fan Bingbing let his bike into despair: let Zhang Ziyi smile on the 73 operation: let Chen Hao on the NYSE now: let Gao Yuanyuan smile tears nourish love: let Angelababy six sow won: Yang Mi was forced into the Nun Killer: so obviously unmarried Liu Yifei buried in the flesh of hatred in the frozen soil: let in abroad ill be sent home Li Bingbing donated blood: 9000cc youth we are familiar with the "companion", also of course would be on the cover of the protagonist, and female the stars of the beautiful appearance of harmony, every word read copy from rolia. It is love to use interrogative sentences, so Karen Mok asked aloud "energy-saving whose fault": Sun Li askedinnocently "who is my left foot the bill" Ma Su: let the doctors asked "where the female master pornographic": let Liu Tao somewhat helpless to ask "how still broke up. His car:" bosom friend "also love the use of auxiliary words of mood on the cover. Love is the most used.相关的主题文章: