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Kusturica film: the path and secret milk shipped nostalgia – Amir Kusturica directed the Sohu entertainment film "ON THE MILKY ROAD" to send election director Kusturica and Monica – Golden Lion Award Bellucci creative debut film Sohu entertainment news conference (March / 2016, Wen SEN) Amir Kusturica after nearly ten years of the director of the hand the film "ON THE MILKY ROAD" to send election Golden Lion award. Some people say that the name of the movie is "the Milky Way" is something that is taken for granted, because it does happen in the literal meaning of the milk route, and it has nothing to do with the galaxy. The small village is located at the junction of the path of a family of three, walking on the road is a person with the guerrillas Kosta cool – he speak less, lazy, his father’s portrait and enemy hands photos posted on his head with the mirror on. He is holding an umbrella shoulder sitting on an eagle, he rode a donkey donkey ass thin, about hanging a pail of milk, like walking through a hail of bullets as the bullet hit the ground, the milk barrel rattled. Kusturica’s film has always been the lack of evaluation of the diversity of the language of the film, this time he easily destroyed the evaluation. The film is clearly divided into three sections, wild and sweet, magical and romantic, solemn and solemn, is three tone this movie before, during and after. In the first stage is out and out the release of the original library’s absurd, like crazy and happy Balkan style rock music, to express the modern wild madness in a variety of animal blood, goose, mirror hen, dancing and drinking milk snake eagle, the picture is full of rhythm. The village of memory is a stage play, one can always hurt the master clock, a terrible warlord an all-around brother-in-law, strong country girl, a shot down the ears, endless drinking and togetherness, talking big, drink and playing together, of course smile like Monica gentle midday dream Bellucci. Everything is the disorder of free growth, although the war happened around, but with excitement instead of fear, life is burning well, can’t wait to fall in love, every day is a drinking binge, the shuttle in between the glass bullet. Animal to create most of the scene atmosphere, three different character paragraphs each have a "mascot", the first section of the second section of the snake, sheep, third bears, and various character magic twisted country "neurotic livestock, with comedy be a wild legend color is brilliant. The second section is surreal romantic arias. The protagonist Kosta and Monica Bellucci as the Italy woman’s love in the bottom of the well, because they love milk, when the big fire killed all the cows and folks, including Kosta could have become the bride’s strong country girl, they escape from a dozen wells. The picture becomes dreamy, rhythm becomes a long slow, they were stuck in a thunderstorm, together across the river, to escape pursuers, embracing the falls. Still do not have too much fear and grief, until they were on the line..相关的主题文章: