Latest World University Rankings Nanjing University ranked fifth in mainland China (video) aptana studio

The latest world university rankings released in the mainland fifth times higher education Nanjing University 22 officially released the 2016-2017 world university rankings, the top 978 universities from 79 different countries to enter the list. Nanjing University ranked fifth in mainland universities. 978 universities in the times higher education world university rankings this year, a total of 85 China universities, including 52 China mainland universities, 6 colleges and universities in Hongkong China, Chinese Macao 1 universities and 26 colleges and universities in Taiwan Chinese. Hongkong, China, a total of 6 colleges and universities on the list, the top 100 universities in 3, strong performance. Mainland China this year, a total of 52 mainland universities on the list, compared with 2015-2016 increased by 15 colleges and universities. The Peking University and the Tsinghua University have entered the top 50, respectively ranked 29 and 35, also ranked this year’s finalists China Mainland University change is relatively large, many colleges and universities have obvious progress compared to last year. Reporters learned that the thes-qs World University Rankings Top Ten this year are University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Princeton University, Imperial College London, Zurich Federal Institute of technology and University of California at Berkeley. It is reported that, "the times higher education supplement from 2004 onwards the annual world university rankings, there are 5 factors to be considered in the ranking, respectively is the university scientific research ability, the employer and the company the satisfaction of students, teachers and students, the proportion of the quoted rate and the proportion of International students and faculty. Expand the video: unrelated to the original world university rankings released: 3 mainland universities into the top 50相关的主题文章: