Lin Jingen guard Ye sun love back father lie across the empty clamour-webquest

Lin Jingen guard Ye sun love back father: lie across the empty forest Jingen posting screenshots "according to media reports, the 60 year old Li Kuncheng and 40 year old little lyricist Lin Jingen in love, and the woman’s father strongly opposed Ye sun love". Lin Jingen father to see her side, every day sleep sofa. The charges Lin Jingen recently hit back in the social media said the father, "liar", "shouted to his father at the age of twenty, I will continue to wait for you, waiting for the day to my identity. What is the case, I hope the father direct call, rather than through the media across the empty clamor, I do not understand this to our family any help". Li Kuncheng and Lin Jingen see Lin Jingen bluntly reported very unhappy, angry, helpless and disappointed, said the 2 years are no longer family, it is no alternative, "one-way communication will only bring more disappointed, can only wait", and said the father will pass through the survey records expressed concern. But in recent years has not received his call, she is just one way send sms. She was also accused by grandma, Dad would have to drink, "the father of irony concern for people is really special", finally clarify the records in the home, father accused Li Kuncheng use black glue disc close to her, is false accusations.相关的主题文章: