Lippi the rapid development of China football Hengda almost spend money (video)-mentalist

Lippi: the rapid development of China football Hengda money almost spend [information] first paid football! Lippi signed 3 year exposure Hengda annual salary of 20 million European Tencent in September 8th according to the latest news of Italy sports media "Rome sports newspaper", the legendary coach Lippi has basically decided to sign a three year contract with Guangzhou Evergrande, annual salary of about 20 million euro. Exactly, Lippi accepted the interview also "Rome sports newspaper" today, but interestingly, he did not own and do any Hengda signed a statement, but talk about the current situation of China football development, and talked about his old club hengda. In the eyes of Lippi, Hengda almost endless money, which is a microcosm of China’s football. "I was surprised, very surprised." Speaking of Chinese companies to acquire international Milan and AC Milan, Lippi said. "With my three years of experience at Evergrande, I know how much the Chinese people are looking forward to playing football, but then they only think about their own league. It is worth mentioning that, when I took over Hengda Xu Jiayin, asked me: "do you think how long it takes, we can reach the Juventus (website data) Matus, AC Milan and Milan international level?" I half jokingly replied, ‘it’s really a bit of a • • • •’ I did not expect that such a short period of time, they directly to the international Milan and AC Milan acquisition." Foreign media screenshot, in fact, some Chinese giants, with almost unlimited financial resources." Lippi continued, "and they chose to diversify the industry. This is our Guangzhou Hengda, Hengda football is just a part of the industry, they are also in Mongolia there are tens of thousands of tons of rice, there is a large Wine manor, in South Africa in the the Alps mineral water business." Lippi also talked about, rely on investment to buy big star, Chinese football is not development, we must vigorously build the youth training system, and Guangzhou Hengda is a good model. Lippi said: I took over at the beginning of Hengda, they began to consider the construction of a youth training system, relying on the school football team for the delivery of talent. After all, only the big players are useless, for example, Shanghai Shenhua also introduced Drogba, but the team finally only ranked eleventh, because of the lack of foundation. You should go to see the Hengda youth training school, it may be the world’s largest. There are about 93 training centers and 3000 small players. Can you imagine that there was nothing at the beginning?" When Hengda took over the team in 2010, they had just experienced the impact of a scandal, the team’s youth training team was almost destroyed. But now, Hengda academy has been at the forefront, and they have reached a cooperation with Real Madrid, Real Madrid (data) sent 15 youth coach to Hengda foot school." As for Chinese companies to invest in Serie A giants, Lippi think this is a trend: Excuse me, we look at what is now the greatest team in Europe what happened? I’ve seen the American team, the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, the most powerful economies in the world. Italy football will also be aware that this is a trend in the world." (Ya Lu)相关的主题文章: