Liu Qingfeng wealth will be more and more concentrated in the hands of Smart Companies spyair

Liu Qingfeng: wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the company Intelligent iFLYTEK Group Chairman and CEO Liu Qingfeng Sina Financial News by the positive and the island’s 2016 and the island being a global innovation competition and new species came in September 2016 9 to 10 held in Chongqing. IFLYTEK chairman and President Liu Qingfeng attended and spoke. He said the artificial intelligence to change the world, the next 5 to 10 years can be seen, the global wealth creation will become increasingly concentrated in a few large companies with artificial intelligence on the hand, because of the characteristics of artificial intelligence technology and large data source, the universal law will be strong stronger. When artificial intelligence changes take on a lot of labor, new jobs are being created, and social matching is a matter of government. Artificial intelligence has not only individual enterprises and industry, but the national government. The following is the record of the conference: Liu Qingfeng: dear you, thank you very much this morning to share with you some thoughts on artificial intelligence. What are the new species of concern? Some people may think that people like Afanda, the new species come today is mainly in three aspects: the first aspect is its appearance and image, so we see shortly before everyone is very famous in CCTV robots, called Allison robot, the robot can be good. Second to have his movements and internal structure, so we see the big dog robot. Later today we discuss here in ten years, twenty years, should be said that not only is the entity, and virtual, artificial data so I want to share with you more background, interaction and understanding, learning, because of the age of the biggest changes is not necessarily the real image of the robot, but the real prediction analysis in the background of the machine learning ability, understanding, and make another another industry, let us release from the heavy mental activities, give us more opportunities to explore the universe. We believe that today has reached a critical period of large-scale use of large-scale artificial intelligence, because today’s deep learning has been able to use modern methods of learning. Today, based on deep learning algorithm, based on the coming of interconnection of all things, all the data can be collected to the background, and then relying on cloud computing, with today’s achievements and the interconnection of all cloud computing, can replace one another in the industry, not only is the simple survival of labor, including complex mental labor. So artificial intelligence must be more quickly than we thought. IFLYTEK hand through mathematical modeling and statistical modeling of the way forward, deep learning of this basic system, on the other hand also started research experts related to brain science, look from human neuronal conduction from the brain science, there is no new breakthrough, which will have no new breakthrough in modern the model and algorithm, and the Internet and cloud computing has changed the age. This is the first point I would like to say to you. In a few big innovation can also be seen in this year’s world economic forum in 2016 ten emerging technologies in tenth specifically referred to the artificial ecosystem of digital personal assistant and open, which is common on the world相关的主题文章: