Live football 17 to join the official Chinese commentator Wang Tao recording magicq

"Football 17" to join the official Chinese commentary commentator Wang Tao recording football 2017 classic football game area football 17 "(PES 2017)" will be launched in September 15th, this time we finally ushered in the long-awaited official Chinese commentary! Konami once invited to the football commentary masters Wang Tao and Miao Kun, is responsible for the "17" live football commentary work. The two one is responsible for the fact that the next, one responsible for the interpretation of comments, I believe in the game to the players to bring immersive experience! Wang Tao: the chief executive officer of the northern hemisphere international media director. 2003 joined CCTV sports channel, participated in the four World Cup report, the four European Cup reports and a large number of dubbing work. Mr. Wang Tao has a wealth of football knowledge, but also with a sense of humor, sharp style broadcast in the senior fans enjoy a high reputation. The love of the PES Winning Eleven series of games, in China many game player, has become the China game player’s "traditional narrator" included: the feeling than before all the recording will be hard, I also added a lot of their own classic quotations on the inside. But the KONAMI company, the translation of the teacher is also very awesome, his translation is entirely in accordance with my commentary style, recording particularly handy, it is the international level game enterprises. Miao Kun: the international media producer in the northern hemisphere, the football program producer, voice. Mr. Miao Kun served as the five major league highlights in the multi voice work program, "and Mr. Wang Tao and partner PES2017 Winning Eleven ‘explanation. Record: as a "fifty years" real football loyal players, fans to become the interpretation of the process, as the dream into reality. Participation in ‘PES2017 WinningEleven’ dubbing is a milestone for me personally. (Editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: