Local property market regulation dilemma asset bubble accumulation inventory remains a proble didadi

The local property market regulation dilemma: asset bubble accumulation   inventory still challenges — Finance — people.com.cn 26, focus on transfer of the two consecutive month prices rose first Xiamen ushered in the 6 piece of land for housing prices, beware of restlessness or difficult, Xiamen City Land Bureau on the one hand, the regulations in housing prices in the soil can only take a shot on the other hand, at the same time, emergency propaganda to remind the relevant party a rational view of the market, with high risk prevention. Xiamen Land Bureau official said that Xiamen real estate market regulation strictly from the tight, according to the market situation, do not rule out the future will introduce more stringent measures in the real estate market regulation. It is worth noting that, in the land market is hot and difficult to suppress the same time, its dependence on house prices rose for 3 consecutive months of decline. Insiders said that at this stage housing prices have been crazy, in the loose liquidity support, regardless of the cost has been taken to the ground, asset prices have been pushed up, curb asset bubble urgent. The situation of the land market "mad" the afternoon of August 24th, after two hours and 360 rounds of intense bidding price, KWG won 5 billion 770 million yuan in the central business district of Tianjin Binhai plots, the floor price of 22014 yuan, more than the surrounding items in the sale price, the premium rate as high as 312%. On the same day, Shanghai sell small town of Songjiang District involving residential plots, the road to the total price of 4 billion 250 million yuan won the land, the floor price of 20934 yuan square meters, the premium rate of $158%. If the removal of public facilities, affordable housing, etc., can be sold as part of the actual floor price of up to 25418 square meters. This is only a microcosm of the land market in August. Central Plains real estate market director Zhang Dawei said that the floor price began to exceed the overall price, if there is a strong momentum in 2016 Wang, August is the most intensive month. Centaline data show that if the total price of more than 1 billion yuan of land as the most expensive land case, as of August 25th, the year the country has appeared the single land more than 1 billion of the 303 plots, the premium rate of more than 100% of the most expensive land reached 153. Only in August, a single month, the total number of over 1 billion yuan of land plots amounted to 47 cases, the premium rate of over up to 33 cases of the case. At the same time, the total price of the king is now frequency. Up to now, a total of more than 10 billion of the total price of the king to reach a total of 4 cases, more than 5 billion of the total number of more than 24, more than 3 billion of the cases. Among them, the 208 premium rate of more than 50% of the king in the distribution of the city in the city, all for a second tier cities or radiation area of 25. It is worth mentioning that the king were distributed in the higher price increases. Zhang Dawei believes that this trend will lead to irrational behavior of the real estate market is facing enormous risks, deleveraging has become an inevitable issue. The risk of the asset bubble looming according to estimates, the land market in Beijing as an example, the Beijing history of the total land management land floor price more than 30 thousand yuan plots totaling 59 cases, the total land premium of 191 billion 938 million yuan, in order to calculate the average floor price will cost about 38 thousand yuan per square meter. Zhang Dawei said that this means that the future of the above land sales fold to reach相关的主题文章: