Lonely old couple home to visit relatives to find-nibbuns

The old couple who died in their homes to visit relatives to find new culture news (reporter Shi Zhu) yesterday afternoon, the public Ms. Jiao Changchun broke the news to the newspaper, she had just moved into the Hansen Square District Jinshuo 13 occurred one thing, "I just moved here two days, today about two old people dead in the room that seems dead several days, police, forensic came." About 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the reporter first arrived in the new cultural district belongs to Rong Road police station, the police confirmed that two people died at home. 2 pm, the reporter arrived at the Lok Kwan street and easy road at the intersection of Hansen Jinshuo Square District, the 12 Building 2 unit saw the door, residents are chatting, heard that reporters want to know this, residents have to say what I know of the situation. "Old two 70 years old, the old lady had polio, the old man couldn’t get out of bed, the legs are not very good at home, specially serve the old lady." A neighbor said, two elderly people living alone in this way, usually rely on the old lady’s brother to send living expenses, occasionally send some daily necessities. This morning, the old lady his brother should be to give the living expenses, and did not knock on the door, the phone can not get through, after the police pry open the door to find two people have died in the house." A witness said the neighbor, the old man died in the hut, while the old lady is in the big room bed, two people are not together. Neighbors said the bodies of two elderly people have perished, should have died several days of speculation. Gold bright Plaza property staff said, do not understand the situation of two elderly people. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: