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"Love" romantic Zhuhai Macao post office 926 boot fashion and Swiss Tencent entertainment news today, written by Zheng Zhen, director of the romantic movie "love" the post office in Zhuhai boot ceremony was held, actor Zhao Yuanyuan, Li Zhizheng, Cheng Yuanyuan, Li Jinrong, Ding Yujia and other actors are beginning to cast life. Fresh high Yan value actor, poetic seaside city and fashionable international metropolis, petty romantic bar, subversion of the traditional view of modern love, nested skills, a new "fashion sense" is expected to trigger. The female perspective of "intimate relationship" nested technique about new concept of love movie from the female perspective to describe the subtle feelings between people, tells the heroine sister Ying (Zhao Yuanyuan) and her friends and loved ones. The film through the love story of the outer core discussed between people "intimate relations", a nested form of telling a story to peel the layers of beauty, emotional entanglements reveals the true meaning of life. Show the love, affection, friendship in the wonderful, tender and touching. Beauty comes with a perfect fusion of attribute actor director Zheng Zhen has repeatedly said that some of the actors for her gift is like existence, she in the selection of the most valued actor is the actor’s attitude. The characters in the film have a distinctive view of love and outlook on life. From the Taiwan Sun God Li Zhizheng as the president handed affectionate Mo ting; film and television industry "old driver" refined male god Li Jinrong played warm love taxi driver brother Rong; youth warm old "red boy" Ding Yujia dare to love and hate with "Honey smile" bar singer ah xing. Once in the "Pirates" trail decorated two cents on the one Zhao Yuanyuan again as the two character is far from character in this film will be a strong, stubborn, a clear. Cheng Yuanyuan’s role in the film, the role of the young girls in the workplace and love to reproduce the challenges and opportunities to be borne by the Tang Xiaoyu. Five high Yan actor comes with a label, the person is beautiful, love post office, the visual image of the user’s attention. It is reported that the film "love" will be filmed in Zhuhai post office, Macao, is expected to meet with the audience next year. The film from Beijing yuan’s Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd. produced, Meggie Zhuhai Film Company Limited, Shenzhen Monternet holding development Guangdong Macao Cultural Exchange Center Co., Ltd. (Macao), Sanya Haitian horizon Media Co. Ltd. and Beijing youth film studio, Beijing Ying Genesis culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced.相关的主题文章: