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Love, the other side of the eyes of you? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number psychological with you, the original title: the eyes of each other, what is it? Picture from the network, the | porridge porridge porridge porridge. Editing sheep sheep should understand the hearts of men two facts to understand each other, the 1 men and women born with difference. No matter what is good or bad, just different. 2, in order to make the relationship flourish, both men and women should learn to "bilingual" communication, fluent in the language of the opposite sex. You guys should learn to enjoy the shopping, do you know how interesting things you’ve missed?. Most of you women have shopping addiction. When you see a big mall, you have two straight eyes. You men should be a little more sensitive, attention, sympathy and affection. You too nosy. I want you to make something happen. Don’t always try to mend something that hasn’t been broken yet.   you men don’t understand the difference between the natural outpouring of emotion and the rational analysis of feelings. You are too sensible. Why do women cry so easily? Could not understand. Sex – this is what you guys are most concerned about. Besides, you can’t think of anything else? Is there anything wrong with sexual desire? How good is your sex, women are inferior to us that in the best of spirits. It is impossible to interest you like us. You guys always think that they can do more. You don’t even listen to the advice of others. You women think they have the power to change us. I would advise you to forget it. We can’t change, we don’t need to change. You guys can’t fully express their feelings. It’s like you’re emotionally stunted. You are a woman too emotional, you need more. When you watch a sports game, or talk about some of the topics, you guys are like a devil. You can’t do a couple of things at the same time. How can you spend so much time talking? It’s endless. Why do you guys think about how they feel? Just show it out. You don’t have to think about everything, like a textbook. Maybe you women think we can see through people’s minds, but we don’t have that ability. You guys don’t listen, you’re always in a hurry. You women are not talking about the end, I hope you can quickly give a conclusion, at least a clear theme! Your man’s intuition is too poor, not always by the fact. You are a woman, really hope you can make up my mind and stick to it. Are you guys afraid to show the truth? Men talk, but they don’t show emotion. You communicate, but only on the surface. You are a woman a negative attitude, not subject to changing moods, to meet you. Know the man相关的主题文章: