Mad Dong Mingzhu, don’t forget who you will carry on the Queen’s

Mad Dong Mingzhu, don’t forget who you will carry on the Queen’s throne? Original title: mad Dong Mingzhu, please don’t forget who you will carry on the Queen’s throne? Author: Yang Guoying source: back in the public number Yang Guoying observed "5 years ago, Dong Mingzhu is sure of small and medium shareholders grateful for, without support of small and medium shareholders, may not truly entered the" era of Dong Mingzhu GREE". Tonight,? 5 years, Dong Mingzhu for small and medium-sized shareholders mentality is absolutely fell faster than the open book! In October 28th, GREE electric EGM, GREE chairman and President Dong Mingzhu broke out on the spot, not only say "no one applauded her approach", and improve the tone to remind investors, "you look at the listed companies which have such dividends for you? I don’t give you a bonus for 5 years, what can you do with me?" This is not about Dong Mingzhu’s "talent dig" or "Internet debate", but due to the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long suspected, 15 proposals were rejected at the shareholders’ meeting. A look ahead 5 years ago, when Dong Mingzhu is only GREE marketing queen, has not yet become a real master of all power to the queen. In May 2012, GREE electric chairman Zhu Jianghong after the abdication, the largest shareholder of GREE group (Zhuhai state) to fill the power vacuum, immediately press the original Pearl River City SASAC deputy director Zhou Shaoqiang GREE director candidate (then chairman of rhythm). At that time, Dong Mingzhu’s heart is disturbed, the representative of the GREE management, but also hope to small shareholders can hold in his hand. The results got, through joint challenges of small and medium shareholders, Zhou Xiaoqiang eventually won only 36.6% of the vote, voted GREE director. A few days later, Dong Mingzhu was officially crowned, was appointed chairman of GREE electric appliances, GREE Electric has entered the era of the Dong Mingzhu". Looking back 5 years ago, Dong Mingzhu is sure to minority shareholders can be said, grateful for the support of small and medium shareholders not, may not really enter the "Dong Mingzhu era" GREE appliances, Dong Mingzhu is destined to lay status to the business world today. Two people always forgetful! Especially after his throne! 5 years later, GREE looked at the unified country, Dong Mingzhu never thought, there were people to oppose themselves? As a China business "big sister", Dong Mingzhu has been outspoken for October 28th at the EGM was angrily freak, should think "feel wronged" — the years as one of the "public", is committed to create a national brand, GREE has generous dividend return to investors, investors do not understand she, what reason not to support her? In this regard, although we do not deny that Dong Mingzhu is a great entrepreneur (occupation managers), but its performance at the EGM, whether it is emotional, or words, all show left to the "rule of man thinking, its subtext is," high proportion of dividends is your reward. I can enjoy, also can be.相关的主题文章: