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College-University Do you want to be a good hotel manager in your life? If yes, then IIAS School of Management would be right choice for you. It is the top hotel management institute in India. Nowadays, the concept of hotel has been changed. Now, people want to get all the modern amenities like modern gadgets, Wi-Fi technology, and inter. in hotels and best service in the area of lodging, foods etc. So, it is necessary to prepare young students according to the industry needs. They should build the professional outlook right from the beginning of the Hotel Management course. The size and enormity of hotel management structure varies greatly depending on the function of hotels. A small hotel may consist of a small core management team with general manager and other departmental personnel who directly handle day to day work. In contrast, a large full service hotel has many departments and there are professional and experienced people in each department. Each department usually consists of junior line-level managers and supervisors who handle day to day operations. The working condition of the professional in the field of hospitality is really challenging. Hotel managers are usually exposed to long shifts including late hours, weekends and holidays due to the 24 hour operation of a hotel. It is a very fast life in Hotel industry. They have to interact with guests, employees, investors and other managers. So, IIAS School of Management is trying to put this knowledge into the students from the beginning of the course. To enroll into one of the good hotel management schools in India one has to pass his or her higher secondary examination. There are various programs available in this college for Under Graduate and Post Graduate students. You can choose 3 Year Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2 Year Masters Programme in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Diploma in Hotel Operations from IIAS School of Management. To be a highly experienced professional in this field one must acquire the knowledge of food production, housekeeping, food science, hygiene and sanitation. The rich faculty of IIAS is continuously working on that. They are highly qualified and have professional experience. They have experience in the area of Food production, Food and Beverage service, Housekeeping, Nutrition, Food science, Hygiene and Sanitation. The faculty of this top hotel management institute in India is excellent. They prepare each and every student with great care. They groom each student according to the emerging trend of the hotel industry. They want to make their every student as an expert in hotel industry. The faculty member work very hard to know about the potentials and interest of each and every student. Though in hotel management course one has to know about various subjects, the professors want to nurture their talent in their area of their interest. Not only that the teachers always encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities for their overall development. So, it is rightly said that it is a top hotel management institute in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: