Malone love Fu Yuanhui hand. Many campus Belle, brother-truffe

Malone love Fu Yuanhui hand. Many campus Belle, brother? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Remember the Malone victory over the Rio Olympic Games in the hands of the heart after the victory of the heart than it? Zhang Jike Malone than the heart, although at that time, Malone strongly denied that the love is dedicated to their own. At that time the fans also face adorable that Ishikawa Kasumi stay firmly took the love." Today will be "small milk dragon" hard face. Because this scandal may belong to Ishikawa Kasumi’s unrequited love". The Suzhou World Championships, Ishikawa Kasumi cheering for Malone at the scene, the look in the eyes of love ". In a 2014 interview, Ishikawa Kasumi said to Malone and the group of mixed doubles. But Malone didn’t respond. Ishikawa Kasumi and Malone the day before, Malone was photographed with parents, suspected his girlfriend Xia Lu together to get a visa, like to travel abroad together. The same day Malone wearing sports clothes, wearing a hat, in the road down the phone, should be in contact with people. Malone and Xia Lu together on the sports car to an office building. Universal netizens immediately Bachu suspected his girlfriend’s information: Xia Lu, Nanjing, in 2010 graduated from the law department of Hohai University, the school had won the National Aerobics Championship, currently working in a bank, two people in 08 years of acquaintance and become lovers. News broke the news for the network broke, Malone did not make any response, but as a pig teammate Zhang Jike then presented a record in the live God assists:. Do you have a girlfriend, you do not know, Malone? Malone’s girlfriend looks so beautiful." With Malone’s hat friends Summer Dew was low-key, with the personality, love by Malone’s parents, love the day although separated (Xia Lu in Nanjing, Malone in Beijing), but the two feelings are very stable, every holiday or a free flight to meet in the city. Or to travel, have had friends to take two people to Jiuzhaigou tourism vacation photos, when Summer Dew package on the hat is Malone. Life as Malone’s girlfriend Xia Lu good life self life temperament goddess self reason why Malone has refused to disclose the relationship, mainly in order to protect their own privacy and feelings cause without outside interference, after all, is not the entertainment star sports star. But also with the Malone Summer Dew off our relationship with micro-blog, sit, Xia Lu private photos have also been Bachu friends in the picture looks pure and pleasant summer dew. Remember Malone exposes the spouse is Jolin, now his girlfriend did not lose temperament of the entertainment artistes size. On the other side of the wedding in pairs, Fu Yuanhui seems to love a girl. Fu Yuanhui and Li Guangyuan in the morning of September 28th, welcome to the Zhejiang Olympic Games and Paralympic athletes triumph and celebration in recognition of the General Assembly held in Zhejiang Province, the Great Hall of the people, Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui and many other Zhejiang Olympic athletes attended the ceremony. After the meeting, out of the hall, Fu Yuanhui and hand holding hands. The actor was Li Guangyuan young! Xiao Bian specially grilled steak, Li Guangyuan, China national swimming team, male athletes, February 27, 1997相关的主题文章: