Man driving intentional collision stall trial was stopped suddenly to speak English in Beijing mmhouse

Man driving intentional collision stall trial suddenly said English is to stop – Beijing disputes because of a trivial, Man Zhou Guo Jia Chang village in Chaoyang District, a car into the dining staff a stall, causing many injuries. Zhou suspicion of endangering public security by dangerous means of prosecution, the case yesterday in Chaoyang Court hearing. Although Zhou claimed to have a history of mental illness, but by the public prosecutor’s office, the identification of the incident and the ability to identify and control obstacles, should belong to the full capacity of criminal responsibility. Drove the car to stall the Beijing morning news reporter learned that Zhou usually has no fixed occupation in Beijing, Guo Jia Chang Cun staying in a rented room, while the stall is located in the West village. Public prosecution alleges that in April 23rd this year, more than 6 p.m., a week at the food stalls in the hospital, because of a trivial dispute with others, after driving the vehicle into the dining staff Xiali brand small stall, by Zhang and other people were injured. Zhou was arrested in a public security organs to escape the scene. After the identification of criminal science and technology, Zhang, Wang two people constitute a minor physical injury. Public prosecution authorities believe that Zhou in the public field, so the way of driving the collision of others harm public safety, its behavior should be dangerous means of public security crimes held criminally responsible. Trial suddenly jumped English yesterday in the case of Chaoyang Court hearing. For charges of public prosecution, Zhou said, the time of the incident, he intended to put the car in the side of the stall, then get ready to get off to buy fruit. "I just stopped the car, someone to want me to move the car, I did not answer." Zhou said, to buy fruit back to find a car parked in the back of his car. "A man asked me, I do not know who is here to say, that person also to me a few hundred dollars parking fees." Zhou said the man not only did not let him go, but also threatened to hit him, I was afraid, just want to drive away". Although Zhou argued that he was threatening to flee, but the confession, said Zhou was just want to vent their anger, did not expect to be hurt. In addition, the food stalls boss also testified that the Zhou is to stall parking at the entrance, after she saw it up. There are other witnesses to testify, at that time no one to the Zhou to the parking fee, and no one to let Zhou left. It is worth mentioning that Zhou in the court claiming to have a history of mental illness, and said he was in a state of illness. But prosecutors said, after identification, Zhou was manic episodes, is currently in remission, no ability to identify and control barriers to mental illness caused by the implementation of the violations, as full criminal responsibility. In the subsequent trial, Zhou also suddenly spoke of English, was promptly stopped by the judge. Yesterday, the case was not in court for sentencing. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu相关的主题文章: