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Nine men inherit the late mother house was open to the Grandpa grandma death certificate – Sohu news life work or study, there was no requirement that issue many annoying? In recent days, the Chinese people’s Daily News Hotline 029-88880000 call for the public to meet the requirements encountered in the work is difficult to open proof, unnecessary proof and other cases, many people have to reflect their problems. "My mother is more than and 90 years old, why do we need to provide proof of her parents’ death?" The 21 day, Mr. Choi said that he would inherit the mother of a house is located in the southern suburbs of Xi’an, go to the notary office consultation, learned to issue all kinds of proof, one of the most do not understand is to issue the father’s parents, parents and mother’s death certificate. Mr. Cui said his grandparents, as well as grandfather and grandmother had been in the field of rural areas, there is no proof of death, do not know how to open, from the age of it is unlikely to live, right?" China Daily reporter learned that, in accordance with the law, first in order to inherit property per capita have the right to dispose of property and property owners first order heir spouse, children and parents, that is to say, Mr. Cui grandma and grandpa, grandma Grandpa also have the right of inheritance, if the grandparents, grandmother has died to inherit Grandpa then, to their death certificate issued by. To be able to inherit through the notary should be no dispute, the dispute will eventually go to the court. For the more than and 90 year old man’s parents alive this problem, a notary office staff said, "that this cannot be done simply by law." If you can not issue a death certificate, the notary office can not accept. Staff suggested that if the time is too long can be issued by the local village committee to prove that the seal by the police station, or take photographs of the elderly tombstone as an auxiliary proof.相关的主题文章: