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The man with a former girlfriend and was forced to pornographic woman husband beat Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Gu Yuansen Qi Wenxuan) former boyfriend suddenly reignited the adorable, and ex girlfriend to the unseparated. The rejection of her ex boyfriend angry, even throw ex girlfriend ambiguous photos are intended to intimidate, the ex husband of a beaten, ex boyfriend also was arrested on suspicion of attempted rape. "My ex boyfriend threatened me with a photo of me, forcing me to have a relationship with him, or he would have posted my photo in my neighborhood." Recently, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau Yanziji police station received alarm Ms. Feng, after receiving the alarm, police immediately launched an investigation, through the investigation, will soon suspect Kwak arrested. Modern Express reporter learned that Guo and Ms. Feng talked about love, then for some reason to break up, but the heart has always been obsessed with Ms. Feng guo. In September 20th this year, Guo really can not help but Miss Miss Feng, on social software to Ms. Feng sent the message. Ms. Feng, who just got married this year, did not know that the other side is a former boyfriend, after chatting to find the other side was actually a former boyfriend kwak. Chatting, love to be Guo asked Ms. Feng to accompany him to the hotel, also said to renew the feelings. But Ms. Feng said he had been married, can not go with guo. Kwak still insist, after repeated requests failed, he was angry, directly thrown out several previous ambiguous pictures two people together to shoot, and threatened if not accompany him, will put these photos to Ms. Feng had lived in the area, let everyone see, let Ms. Feng body defeat crack. See Guo so angry Ms. Feng, have no shame, told her husband Yang Yang this matter, let her pretend to agree, then he followed in the past, and gave a look to guo. So, Ms. Feng pretend to agree to accompany Guo to the hotel two people agreed to meet a park. Guo to see Ms. Feng came very happy, pulled a few homely let Ms. Feng on their own electric car. Has been followed by Yang at the moment no longer hold anger rushed to Kwak knocked to the ground, a beating. Ms. Feng, see two people scuffle, scared immediately alarm. After the police arrived in time, and there is no obvious Guo injury, the police conducted a criticism of Yang education. Currently, Kwak was arrested on suspicion of attempted rape criminal coercive measures. Police warned that women encounter such a thing, do not easily agree with each other, must be timely alarm. Do not take drastic action, so as not to cause serious consequences should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. For emotional problems, both sides should be treated rationally, must not because of a momentary impulse, to their own and the other cause irreparable regret. (the parties are a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: