Man with a cell phone candid girl skirt the first paragraph of the video blur again-gamelink

Man fuzzy again using a mobile phone – videotaping girls skirts first video Beijing Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Hong Yiyi Pan Yaqin) because of curiosity with mobile phone videotaping girls skirts, the result was in administrative detention for 5 days. Recently, the south station police station in Guangzhou through the passengers to report, captured a candid camera, the phone’s two video has become the key evidence. In October 19th, passenger Zhao (a pseudonym) came to take the high-speed rail transit to Guangzhou South Railway Station high-speed rail, when the station saw a man dressed in a stylish and beautiful woman, a curiosity attack, Zhao thrillseeker play a "candid camera", so he took advantage of when the woman take the escalator ladder with a mobile phone camera "upskirt" video. Because too nervous, the first paragraph of the video shoot more blurred, Zhao is not very satisfied with the feeling, decided to come again. He checked into the station and then to the third floor waiting room to continue to find the target, in the automatic ticket machine to see the line is being lined up Zhou, so follow behind its candid camera. The filming process accidentally ran into Zhou’s leg, Zhou shouted "the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked after lady-killer, immediately to the police. The investigation, Zhao’s mobile phone made a total of two videos, the initiative to recognize the fault of their own, and ultimately the railway police was sentenced to administrative detention punishment. Guangzhou railway police remind passengers that female friends: in the train, subway, bus should pay attention to the surrounding environment, when a stranger by hand, mobile phone, camera and so close to your body to be vigilant, if found candid, please timely alarm. According to China’s "Public Security Management Punishment Law" the relevant provisions: peeping, videotaping, eavesdropping, spread the privacy of others, at 5 days detention or a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, more than 5 days to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan.相关的主题文章: