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McIlroy responded "I am not Pan Jinlian" Tiaodang: no longer content adjustment of Tencent entertainment news (Wen Chengjia) the National Day is coming, in the gold film schedule in high heat, "I am not Pan Jinlian" suddenly announced that from September 30th until November 18 release. On the one hand the film bring creative director Feng Xiaogang successively in Toronto, San Sebastian and other high-profile Film Festival, is a temporary change gear, which makes the printing on the film from the "review does not pass", "don’t get Longbiao not allowed to participate in the overseas film festival", "McIlroy 500 million base scheme affected" a variety of speculation. Feng Xiaogang in his circle of friends is a response to this, the International Film Critics of "Pan Jinlian" evaluation is too high resulting in their "ambition", so "which we will go to the cold schedule which file" decision. Today (September 22nd), film investors Yaolai film officially responded that the film for the film festival has been reported by the film Bureau, even to release in November, at the end will not be affected. Author Liu Zhenyun novel of the same name film screenwriter Liu Zhenyun: because I want to change the file clip again increased bursting point Feng Xiaogang movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" Tiaodang, news triggered a variety of hot, there are rumors that the film does not have a trial, more than and 60 places also need to modify. The original writer, and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun day before participating in the Xi’an Silk Road Festival also responded on the matter. Liu Zhenyun said that the film was premiered at the Communication University of China, the feedback is quite good, this also let Feng Xiaogang have re edited, the idea of excellence, "he three pm call me excited can’t sleep day, reflecting laugh 45 times, 8 times the drum palm, is a 135 minute movie down almost two minutes a bursting point. So Feng Xiaogang came again to say ambition, cut the whole movie bursting point to 135 minutes at a bursting point." Liu Zhenyun also revealed that during Feng Xiaogang took part in a foreign film festival is also called him, "the Toronto Film Festival to give him a" FIPRESCI prize ", said the film portrays a Kafka figure, he said his movies are out of international, let oneself have a greater ambition. To deus ex, the national day of the schedule is hot, we have lost a cold schedule." This is also consistent with the contents of Feng Xiaogang’s circle of friends. Investors Yaolai: participate in the festival have been reported to the administration of content will not adjust this morning, the media contacted Feng Xiaogang himself, but he denied the changed files because the bursting point, on the further reasons why Feng Xiaogang did not do more to explain, but the official said back film McIlroy should represent their own ideas. As the movie Xuanfa and investor base, McIlroy film in the official micro-blog denied the movie about 500 million base issued rumors, the affected micro-blog wrote, "with the" I am not Pan Jinlian "at the International Film Festival Awards, and constantly improve the reputation of screening hot social concern heat, let the film sold more sparkle" I am not Pan Jinlian "confidence in the future of the box office." The person in charge of McIlroy television today in an interview for the review of the response, according to the said, "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the Toronto Film Festival and the Spanish film festival has been ahead and electricity.相关的主题文章: