Media 3 asked Gao Hongbo what is the standard of practice in closed training what (video)-lformat

The media asked Gao Hongbo 3: where is the closed training practice [] what information’s home court 0-1 Syria Gu Chao attack errors gifts country foot 12 alive preliminaries in third games in 0 than 1 lost to Syria with standard, only 3 games to get 1 points. As a football coach, Gao Hongbo should bear little responsibility, especially his employment standards and command substitution and tactical adjustments, but also has been questioned. Q: what is the national standard for employing people? In the first national football team in the game against South Korea, in the lineup has enabled nearly 3 months did not follow the club training do not play any aircraft game, which results in the game was almost rival Dabao, finally Chinese team 2 ball and renhang have a direct relationship. Third war home court against Syria, stormed the country foot in the second half after playing with fire, only in the national team played 1 times Gu Chao goalkeeper rushed out the sent gift, let the horse gas Syria team scored the only goal of the game. It is also worth noting that tonight substitute striker Yang Xu, has been close to 3 months could not be out of action for Luneng in the league, the individual state can not guarantee, why such a club have no opportunities for the players can easily enter the national team? For Gao Hongbo’s employment, many people have expressed doubts. Shanghai Shenhua winger Cao Yunding has played 25 games this season with 4 goals and 8 assists in the league, behind Gao Lin and El Kessen. Midfielder Wang Dong Chongqing Lifan, this season also contributed 8 assists, and his 6 goals behind Wu Lei and Dong Xuesheng in the local players. In addition, like tonight mistakes Gu Chao, this season is not too strong for Wang Dalei and Chi Wen, outstanding performance and league competition experience, not better than a recruit? The state is so good Cao Yunding, Wang Dong, and the United States have missed the national team, but a few in the league can not play or the performance of the players in general have the opportunity to start, is this reasonable? () Even if the habit of high guidance is not familiar with the use of raw, but the league is a mirror, outstanding players into the national team, at least in other countries in the national team is an access rule. Gao Hongbo in the South Korean team before the game to fill up the game, only because of the latter in the game against South Korea in the bad luck scored an own goal, followed by its abandonment of the Zheng Zhi, Gao Hongbo. Tonight against Syria, there is not a player like Zheng Zhi who is in need of the organization. Home court against Syria, Gao Hongbo will assume responsibility to ask small two: Chinese soccer Paibingbuzhen whether targeted? Against South Korea, Gao Hongbo arranged the five guard system, Zheng Zhi as central defender, defensive shot by South Korea results, Zhang Linpeng and Ren hang errors in a row, Wu Xi bad state offense. Gao Hongbo changed the second half of the Hao Junmin, after the attack, as well as the state of the foot of the attack, only after the improvement of the state of the foot of the attack, the attack on the foot of the foot of the country has improved, and then changed to. Obviously, Gao Hongbo against the South Korean team’s starting lineup targeted. Against Syria, Gao Hongbo abandoned the first two individuals to get a lot of opportunities through the run but repeatedly shot in the absence of Wu Lei, so that the two sides of the striker, as well as in the spirit of the attack on the grounds of his own, as well as the right to go out of the way of the attack on the grounds of the principle of attack out of the right to blame the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and china. But the national foot attack thunder and heavy rain.相关的主题文章: