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Men suffering from rheumatism medicineyou driving test results was stopped to let him dumbfounded suffering from rheumatism sore, then drink wine to moisture, then drove a motorcycle on the road, was stopped by traffic police, he also feel indifferent. Because he thinks that no alcohol wine, not as drunk driving, the driver can be tested, silly eye, he is drunk driving. Recently, three traffic police squadron of police in Huangshi Licheng Ninghaiqiao road card inventory. Chen: driving a motorcycle from Fujian BQF676 black, to Huangshi direction, passing through the road, was stopped by police on duty in the routine inspection. After the police found that the driver Chen Zhang said when there is a thick wine, then its alcohol test, but Chen Zhang denied that he did not drink, refused to cooperate with the inspection. He argued that he suffered from rheumatism, these days because of the weather change feeling pain, drank wine Banliangsanshiji degree to moisture, wine is not wine. Under the repeated requests of the police, Chen Zhang accepted the breath test, Chen Zhang body alcohol content of 80mg 100ml, has reached the standard after drunk driving. See the test results, Chen chapter followed the police to the police station beyond dispute, for further investigation. Chen will be taken to the hospital in accordance with the law to the hospital blood, blood samples were further identified, the detection of ethanol concentration of 84.51mg 100ml, drunk driving motor vehicle. Chen Zhang alleged dangerous driving offenses, will be fined, revoked driver’s license for five years and criminal detention penalties. Police investigators said, although wine is wine, Chinese medicine contains certain ingredients, but generally by the high alcohol liquor soaked, drink should be checked drunk driving. The police advised people to drink wine do not drive. Some common foods can be detected in alcohol, caused by drunk driving, but you do not panic, you can explain the situation to the police, the scene asked gargle or a few minutes before the interval to alcohol tests. There are objections, you can request blood tests, eat these foods, the blood will certainly not contain alcohol. If it is determined not to drink driving, will not be punished. But if the beer, wine, rice wine these clear ingredients containing alcohol wine, after drinking and driving, belong to drunk driving. >相关的主题文章: