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Microsoft also FPGA, stem buried six years to build AI super computer technology Sohu – [Technews] Journal of artificial intelligence technology (AI) development potential, Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and other technology giants have hit network or software heavily invested, software development, system integration and operation ability of the hardware performance between the same the focus of these giants, not only to create a machine learning Google chip TPU, the semiconductor, Microsoft on FPGA to enhance the ability of artificial intelligence has paved the stem for six years. Once a year the Microsoft Ignite Technology Conference launched recently in the United States of Atlanta, 26, the first day of the opening, Microsoft CEO Satya · Nadella (Satya Nadella) in Taiwan to expose the Microsoft industry for many years, Microsoft has quietly in their own cloud data center into the FPGA, let’s cloud computing platform Azure, Bing search engine and other services and has a strong competitive advantage in the field of artificial intelligence is booming, Nadella said it was "the first super computer artificial intelligence". The plan in 2010 2010 Doug Burger et al have contour to the top is proposed to improve data center FPGA CPU usage, due to the application of artificial intelligence and service should be growing, open the Catapult plan. Import data center of the Catapult program for FPGA configuration, if not to the traditional cluster structure of screws, but additional independent structure in each data center server, providing a single server can increase one or even thousands of FPGA configuration flexibility. At the conference Microsoft consultant engineer Doug Burger shows the operation results of Azure platform into the FPGA data center, up to 60 words and 1440 pages of the classic masterpiece "war and peace", from the original Russian translation only takes 2.6 seconds to English, compared with 24 core Haswell processor Azure platform, also failed to exceed 15 seconds the whole book translated. (Source:Microsoft) Doug Burger also show the Catapult Azure platform of millions of floating point operations (exaflop), is a million billion times per second can carry logic operation in 0.098 seconds will be able to 500 billion Wikipedia word translated into second languages, Doug Burger pointed out, this is ten times the current largest super computer operation of artificial intelligence or efficiency. Artificial intelligence can solve previously unsolved problems. (Source:Microsoft) in addition to the effectiveness of the upgrade, FPGA programmable features of their own flexibility, Microsoft stressed that through the introduction of FPGA相关的主题文章: