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Automobiles With many people in Australia now focusing on environment and prudence in spending, this is the best time to look at some of the brands in the mid size cars segment. This is a category that is now favoured after small cars and is ideal for a medium sized family of four. Mid size cars fit the bill the best as they come with just the right luggage space and can also comfortably seat a family of four or five individuals. They represent the most appropriate choice for those who find small cars a tad too compact for comfort and the larger fuel guzzling ones beyond their capacity to maintain. a) Audi "" they have never failed to come with an alternative that is easier on the pocket and the Audi A4 2.0 TDI represents a wonderful opportunity for those keen on ride comfort as well as abundant cabin space that is also tastefully designed. b) BMW "" the BMW 320d is yet another example of precision German engineering at its best. Its torque (at 350Nm) and raw power (that enables you to race to 100km/hr under nine seconds) makes it a compelling buy. The BMW 520d too with its 5.6 litres/100km fuel average presents a strong case for those looking for German efficiency. c) Alfa Romeo "" trust the Italians to come out with a refined model that combines performance with excellent fuel economy. The Alfa Romeo 159 JTD has a six-speed gearbox with automatic transmission that is very slick and smooth. d) Citroen "" can the French be far behind in this race to capture the attractive mid size cars market? The Citroen C5, with its revamped exterior design, has great appeal and at this point in time boasts of arguably the best design in this segment. The funky gadgets and ride comfort for the passengers is the icing on the cake. The French engineers have really come out with a mean machine at 450Nm torque and a superb fuel efficiency average of around 7 litres/100km. e) Ford Mondeo – a great value for money vehicle with great handling features, considering it is a front wheel drive car. Safety credentials are top notch and fuel efficiency is at a healthy 7.3 litres/100km. This makes the Ford Mondeo TDCI a very worthy contender for that "value for money" tag that so many brands crave. f) Mitsubishi Aspire – discover a new level of sophistication with Aspire black leather seats, woodgrain interior and chrome exterior highlights bring a real feeling of refinement and class. It is a top safety pick among mid-size cars. g) Honda Civic Hybrid "" it is indeed very difficult to overlook this one. It has abundant boot and cabin space and is an absolute joy to ride in. Great looks and a competitive price tag are good news that loses its veneer when you look at the rather disappointing 4.6 litres/100km fuel average. The above mid size cars brands are by no means exhaustive and there are many other equally reputed brands that have been left out for want of space. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: