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Millet and Google 5S Pixel XL has at least 12 same components, Google: so what Sohu technology company love quotes computer scientist Allen · (Alan Kay); Kay said: "really serious about software should make their own hardware." Now, Google’s motto might be: "people who really take artificial intelligence should make their own hardware and sell it at a high price." Google’s transformation seems to be the strategy behind Pixel. Pixel is the first smartphone designed by Google, which was released in October 20th. Prior to Pixel, Google offered a range of Nexus branded smartphones, which were jointly developed and sold on the Internet with smartphone makers, whose prices were basically consistent with their costs. Nexus mobile phone to allow more people to use Google’s services to support the company’s main business – online advertising. Pixel is committed to profit through Google’s artificial intelligence program. In particular, it created a virtual assistant, it will become the user’s own private Google, and for all Google designed electronic products to provide a consistent user experience. The new Google Pixel Pixel smart mobile phone mobile phone represents the change of the company’s business model provides a conversational interface for Google through it, consumers will be with the embedded virtual assistant in a series of electronic equipment in the conversation to obtain information. Therefore, Pixel is the interactive interface and artificial intelligence technology test, and detect whether the company has the ability to service the in-depth integration of the hardware, in order to create a series of electronic products, the formation of a complementary ecological system, and through online advertising something besides profit. The results will show whether Google can successfully evolve and maintain dominance in search engines. In the highly competitive smartphone market, the only way to make a big profit is to create a high-end mobile phone and sell it at a high price. So, Google chose the top configuration for Pixel, priced at $649 – the same starting price as Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7. 5.5 inches version of Pixel, called Pixel XL, priced at $769, the same as iPhone 7 Plus. Pixel mobile phone costs some third party analysis shows that Google’s mobile phone has a lot of profit margins. IHS Markit, a market research firm based in London, based on an examination of the internal components of the Pixel XL, estimates that its material costs and manufacturing costs are $285.75. Chipworks is a division of TechInsights, a technology analyst firm, which estimates that the cost of Pixel is about $220. However, according to analyst Dick · (Dick James), said the price does not include all of the components in the IHS assessment of the cost of consideration or manufacturing costs in the. Analysts by opening the phone相关的主题文章: