Ministry of education to promote the reform of the high school entrance examination and enrollment s hamimelon

The Ministry of education responsible for promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform guidance answer – Beijing days ago, the Ministry of Education issued the "guiding opinions on further promoting the high school exam enrollment system reform" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). What is the general idea of the reform of the system of examination and enrollment in high school? How to understand the goals and tasks of reform? Junior high school proficiency exam, students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, the method of enrollment and the past? With these questions, the reporter interviewed the Ministry of education, the two person in charge of basic education. 1 reporter: the community is very concerned about the reform of the examination, please introduce the background of the introduction of the guidance. A: it is very important and urgent to promote the reform of the examination. The party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and 13th Five-Year the national plan stressed: "the deepening of the reform of the examination enrollment system, implementation of junior high school level test and comprehensive quality evaluation". The opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system to improve the way of examination and enrollment in high school. The Party Central Committee and State Council’s decision to deploy a clear direction and requirements for the reform of the examination. In recent years, with the development of the basic education curriculum reform, some places in the high school entrance examination, comprehensive quality evaluation, high school enrollment and other aspects of the active exploration, accumulated a lot of useful experience, it is worth summing up the promotion. At the same time, there are still some problems in the examination and enrollment system of high school, such as the only score of admission and enrollment, non-standard behavior and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to further promote the reform of the examination, to better play its role in promoting quality education in the right direction, and promote educational equity. 2 reporter: the reform involves many aspects of the reform, the need for system design, please talk about the general idea of this reform. Answer: the guiding ideology of this reform is to fully implement the party’s education policy, implement Rucker Shuren fundamental task and further promote the implementation of quality education. The general idea of the reform, the general situation is mainly to strengthen the guidance, promote fair, reasonable shunt, actively and steadily". Strengthen guidance is to adhere to the people-centered education, fully embodies the nature and features of compulsory education, high school education, and the college entrance examination reform of convergence coordination, follow the law of education and students’ growth rules and make personnel selection and personnel training objectives, the process is consistent, forming educational ability, promoting students’ all-round development and healthy growth. Promote the fair is to adhere to objective and impartial, everyone is equal before the rules, so that all aspects of examination and enrollment in the sun, accept the supervision of the candidates, parents and the society, and create equal education opportunities for students. A reasonable diversion is to adhere to the general level of both the overall high school and secondary occupation school admissions exam, to provide a variety of opportunities for students to choose, to promote the coordinated development of general education and vocational education, to meet the needs of economic and social development of all types of personnel training. Actively and steadily adhere to the inheritance and innovation, orderly progress of the reform, the first major reform pilot, and gradually summed up the promotion. Respect local differences, according to local conditions, encourage the practice of exploration and practice. 3 reporter: the goal of this reform and the main.相关的主题文章: