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Department of transportation: the Mid Autumn Festival holiday toll free – Beijing news: reporters learned from the Ministry of transport, the Mid Autumn Festival this year (September 15-17) during the holiday, the following 7 small passenger traffic toll road is not free. Affected by the recent outing, visiting relatives, 14 and No. 17 is expected to enter and exit the city’s major cities in the direction of traffic will continue to rise, the key sections prone to congestion. According to the provisions of the national highway toll free time for the Spring Festival, labor day, Tomb-sweeping Day, National Day and other 4 national holidays, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is not within the specified range, so the car still normal payment on high-speed access. The vacation time and high-speed free policy, many people will choose to travel by car in short, visiting friends and relatives to return home travel or travel outing car travel and other activities, the main line and key tourist attractions around the city and highway traffic will increase obviously. From the monitoring of key sections and periods of the Ministry of transport and road network center, is expected to 14 days and 15 days by holiday travel, travel to visit relatives, Beijing, Shanghai, the amount of two-way traffic in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, and other places Changsha high, out of the city traffic volume is slightly higher than the 16 national city; the whole traffic tends to a stable situation; the last day of the holiday town traffic will be significantly higher than the city traffic. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, is expected to Beijing Macao expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai Kunming expressway, Shen Hai high-speed, wide high-speed and the route of the small amount of passenger traffic will increase slightly to about 25%. The transportation department reminds, because the vehicle travel time is relatively fixed, the highway traffic peak will be concentrated in the daily 8 pm to 11 pm, 16 PM to 18 PM two hours, especially on the last day of the afternoon of September 17th is the peak period of return, plus the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is not the free passage of each vehicle parking fee, the main highway under the station very easy to jam the queue, to try to advance, the peak return.相关的主题文章: