MIT Sloan School of management joint WAL-MART foundation, an interdisciplinary approach to the manag shiyang

MIT Sloan School of management, combined with the WAL-MART foundation, take an interdisciplinary team of food safety risk management method China – Sohu of science and technology at MIT’s Sloan School of management and WAL-MART announced the foundation for cooperation. The food supply chain is at the heart of our food system, but they are vulnerable to major security issues. Particular attention is paid to meat, dairy products, seafood, agricultural products and other primary foods, and some of the food supply is usually highly fragmented and opaque. In order to help address these challenges, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of management and biomedical innovation center teachers and researchers have formed an interdisciplinary team, they work together to develop a risk prediction model for active management related to food contamination risk in the global food supply. The team consists of Abdel · of Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Lateef · JAMEL world water and food safety laboratory funded, with the WAL-MART foundation to carry out large-scale cooperation in Chinese. Together with the Tsinghua University and other academic and industry partners, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology team plans to develop new models and powerful testing mechanism, strengthen the system of food China to help and support the industrial food supply chain design, practice and government supervision. "China is one of the most important food production and consumption country in the world, but it is affected by serious food adulteration events, these events have caused severe adverse consequences in the world and Chinese. Our work can have a long-term positive impact on food production, food and the Chinese global system is critical, Sloan School of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor of food safety project chief researcher Retsef Levi said. Professor Huang Yasheng Sloan of Massachusetts Institute of Technology College of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chinese laboratory chief researcher and founder, he said: "we are very pleased with the WAL-MART foundation for cooperation in this important issue to the whole world. When we continued to build bridges between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and China, they helped. We strive to create new system solutions to predict, monitor, and reduce risks through previous work and business relationships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology team." Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for biomedical innovation and the project’s chief researcher Professor Sinskey Anthony said: "we are to solve this important problems in the development of interdisciplinary research, including the integration of professional knowledge in business, science and engineering. The ultimate goal is to completely change the world’s food supply chain risk management." Editor: Ma Tao editing, visual design, intern recruitment (compilation) location: Beijing contact: hr@mittrchina MIT Technology Review China only copyright partner, any institution or individual without permission, shall not be reproduced without authorization and translation. This is the circle of friends to share相关的主题文章: