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Sports-and-Recreation The people in the martial arts industry – .MartialArtsPride.. – are definitely celebrating the fact that UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has finally made it official that they have purchased the Pride Fighting Championships. At a press conference in Tokyo, it was made known that the deal was struck at just under $70 million. This news was reported in Newsday making it known to everyone that great things were about to .e. Six years ago, the Casino Tycoons also known as the Fertitta brothers bought the Ultimate Fighting Championship and made it the leading sport in the mixed martial arts industry today. Each year you can bet that there are millions of people that are having pay per view parties watching the star studded events of the UFC or maybe they are glued to their televisions watching the reality shows of the top ultimate fighting champions. Shows such as the Ultimate Fighter or the Ultimate Fight nights are the best for showing the new, up and .ing fighters and they can be seen on channels such as Spike TV. With all of this news, most people are likely wondering what this all means for the Pride Fighting brand. No need to worry Pride Fighting fans, as the Fertitta Brothers plan to keep the same name and will also continue to promote fights with that name. The purchase means that they can expand on international levels and hopefully will allow them to get back their fans from Japan. According to the article that was printed in Newsday, Pride Fighting was dropped by The Fuji Television .work as it was rumored that they were tied in with the Japanese Mob. This eventually led to the sale of Pride Fighting. With the purchase of Pride Fighting,the UFC has solidified their position as the runaway leader in the Mixed Martial Arts Industry. Many of the fighters in Mixed Martial Arts have fought on both sides. Now fans can see the best matches with both of the Fighting teams. It looks like they will both stay part of the Fox .work for some time so it is unlikely that we will see these fights on Spike TV anytime soon. Maybe sometime down the road we might get to see a reality fighting television series. No matter what, Pride Fighting is now getting the exposure that it should have received a long time ago. It looks like The Fertitta Brothers will continue to buy out other Mixed Martial Arts .anizations, so we will be sure to see them staying on as the leaders in the industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: