Money tight + supply shocks convertible bonds or bring opportunities-pullip

Money tight + supply shocks convertible bonds or bring opportunities We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! – reporter Zhang Qinfeng on the 27 day, the convertible bond market (including exchangeable bonds) continued to adjust, running to lose share. Market participants pointed out that the A stock market callback finishing, can not fully explain the weakness of the bonds, short-term funds continued to face tensions as well as the exchange of bonds issued by the market can also limit the performance of convertible bonds. In the short term, the capital is difficult to continue to upgrade the face of tension, supply shocks are not sustainable, convertible bonds than expected, may bring some opportunities. The convertible bonds are underperforming stocks over the past long time, the relationship between convertible bond and stock, the basic available "resilience is chasing insufficient to describe. When equity markets fall, convertible bonds tend to show resilience; and when equity markets rise, it is often hard to keep up with the pace of positive stocks. However, 27, in the A-share market A slight adjustment in the background, the performance of the bond is significantly less than the positive stock. 27, A stock market adjustment has slowed down, stocks mixed change, the Shanghai Composite Index edged down 3.96 points or 0.13% all day long, the decline narrowed compared with the previous day. The day of the CSI bond index closed at 297.57 points, down 0.67 points, or 0.22%, but higher than the previous day’s decline of 0.19%. 27, 2009, the city’s publicly traded convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds of a total of only 8, corresponding to the positive stocks rose only in the past, the only decline in the number of bonds, bonds, only 2 rose, fell by only 18, only 20, only to fall in. Specifically, the 2 bonds rose yesterday, respectively, the convertible bonds and convertible bonds in Shunchang, or lower than the corresponding positive shares of 31. At the same time, it shares fell yesterday against the convertible bonds or exchangeable bonds, for example, China World Trade Center bonds all day long fell 0.81%, its shares rose 1.32% in China World Trade Center, Xiamen, or all shares. In addition, a lot of convertible bonds or exchangeable bonds fell more than 16 shares, for example, Yiling EB shares fell 1.49%, Yiling pharmaceutical fell 0.96%. Whether it is a coupon or a coupon rate of change, the performance of yesterday’s bonds are not as good as stocks, the resilience of the talk. Tight money + supply shock is the main cause of the past two days, a pullback in equity market, caused a drag on the market, but in the A shares to stabilize, bonds continue to appear large adjustment, so there are other possible reasons. Insiders pointed out that the market funds face continued tension, as well as the exchange of bonds can be issued soon, the convertible bond market may cause some impact. Last week, the market funds face tight reproduction. Even after the central bank net invested nearly one trillion yuan of funds, funds face tensions still no significant relief. 27, 2009, the Shanghai Stock Exchange overnight repo (GC001) rate rose to the highest intraday rate of 18%, the weighted average interest rate of the day reported at 12.43%, up 735bp. Market participants said that the continuing impact of the financial side of the financial market is the impact of fermentation, some non banking institutions may have to sell some of the better liquidity相关的主题文章: