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Business Attracting more coaching clients with webinars isn’t just for coaching gurus and big wigs. Webinars are also for small businesses like yours. Even if it’s "just you" that won’t stop you from having a very successful, fun, exciting and informative webinar for your clients or potential clients. You have something to share, and this is an excellent way to do it. What’s more, it’s not that difficult to do. It’s not even expensive and you don’t have to be all that technically educated. Through webinars you can reach out to your clients or potential clients no matter where they live and work in a very personal manner. Many people feel that the Inter. is a cold place but with the ability for a client to hear your voice, and even see your face, this makes the event more personal than an email or newsletter. Don’t get me wrong those are important too but webinars will bring your business to that next professional level that allows you to truly wow your clients and potential clients. Webinars can feel like a lot of work, but the work will be worth it. You have to figure out what technology you’re going to use, what product or service you will promote, or what topic you want to teach. In addition you have to decide how to market the event, and whether or not you’re going to charge or offer a free event. There are so many decisions to be made, but once you do one, you’ll be hooked. Educate yourself about all your choices, and best practices. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Sure, add your own punch, but take the advice of experts and your event will go a lot smoother. Do your due diligence when studying webinar software and technology offerings. There is a lot of variety in the ability of the software, as well as the prices of the software. Make a list of your needs while you’re evaluating the software so you can check it off. Webinars enable you to exponentially increase your online presence, demonstrate your knowledge establishing yourself as an expert while creating lasting relationships with your clients and potential clients. Not to mention the fact that you’re going to have fun doing it. It’ll be one of the most fun hours you spend sharing what you love with others. Once you give one webinar, you’re going to want to offer more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: