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More than two years has long been low-key singer Willber Pan gorgeous – Sohu Willber Pan entertainment perfect side Yan   Sohu; entertainment news as a whirlwind swept only a short while ago, Willber Pan Chinese music, his music works as an era of brand label firmly countless young people. Singing R& B; and HIPHOP pan handsome with magnetic voice and dynamic dance popular singer, as many young people to imitate the "gods" idol. Online singing, acting is also online, Willber Pan and Rainie Yang in 2008 the idol drama starring popular, he also take the gains of the forty-sixth Taiwan Golden Bell Award for best actor, for a time the scenery without the two. His unique charm is difficult to replace, can be described as a circle of countless powder. However, the follow-up work is won numerous awards and achievements of previous breakthrough is not easy to. Then Willber Pan took a bold cross-border, joined the reality show "release. But whether it is "heart warming Daddy" or "handsome seniors", fans eager to see the handsome pan back to that time "King peak". More than two years, has long been low-key. Recently, Willber Pan in response to micro-blog fans new album is approaching: today just two years, the album is good, I ‘m coming home". Recently, Willber Pan has been exposed to join the Hunan TV at the end of the Year blockbuster pushing a new variety "come on, just do". It is reported that, come on, do it is the four quarter of the Hunan TV in the first quarter of a large structural style variety, the program into the integration of the 12 different themes, can be described as the most exciting in the history of a variety flash". Willber Pan will join the "blood brothers" to embark on the journey, staged a "Jedi competition", "so" outbreak "can not help but look full of. As for the pan Shuai music and variety together and force the move, many netizens have a surprise message said: "don’t worry, we are all waiting for you to prepare!" "To see your smile is our greatest happiness, we have been at your side, thank you for growing up with us!" Gone through hardships to illuminate the road ahead, only for the gorgeous low-key dormant, this is a "hip hop" the little prince Willber Pan whether the release of "strokes" to surprise the audience? Can he music variety "double happiness", achieved new breakthrough? Come on, burning group soul, filling Sommersby, the November pan Shuai you just do!相关的主题文章: