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The post | hit cattle, apple canceled Hongkong area free return policy – Sohu technology online shopping iPhone 7, but received 3 iPhone (G) +iPhone 4 recently, Emihiro Hiroshi @ two dimension share a female users to buy iPhone 7 wonderful experience, buy iPhone 7 rose gold online, the seller should send sent (iPhone 3 G 4) and iPhone, also comes with a "fusion card"…… Geek you can only say that there are risks of online shopping, purchase need to be cautious! Via sina will acquire China LETV rumors to see how the Amazon, Bezos you? September 18th, there are media reports that the music, or will be announced in September 19th to buy Amazon china. Amazon China to Tencent finance denied the statement. Today morning, LETV ecological O2O sales platform in micro-blog CEO Zhang Zhiwei said, this year 919, is not only a fan of Carnival electricity supplier Festival, is one of the electricity supplier industry reshuffle. September 19th, LETV will launch the "919 fans Carnival" promotional activities. However, Amazon China PR reply, said: no response, rumors stop wise." Via the Tencent cattle too crazy, apple canceled Hongkong area free return policy because of the reason as everyone knows, every iPhone release will have a large number of cattle in Hongkong purchase, and sold to the mainland to make huge difference. In order to prevent cattle and protect the market hoarding and profiteering, apple began to use Henzhao in Hongkong, directly cancel the Hongkong area free return policy. In Hongkong Apple’s official website, the company announced a return to the new policy, officially passed away 14 days prior to the free return policy, even if you have the product box with a small ticket. This policy adjustment involves all apple and Beats products. In these 14 days, if the mobile phone accessories packaging has been opened, each return products will be charged for packing 25%, unopened, re packaging fee per unit charge 15%. Moreover, the product can only be returned in the original purchase of the national region, the refund can not be remitted to places outside Hongkong. Apple Hongkong official website also specially introduced a "large purchases of the product returns", if the contents of said single or purchase a total of more than 4 products, if you want to return the products must be received within 7 days from the date of return; each product packaging costs charged 25% and must be returned to Apple Store was originally purchased product. Via Tencent, the Ministry issued a white paper VR: poor usability of auditory and tactile less attention on the Ministry of industry and information technology Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute recently released "2016 white paper on the development of virtual reality industry", the report pointed out that the potential Chinese virtual reality technology industry is huge, but there are still many challenges in the application process of T相关的主题文章: