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Moto Z could not bend overtaking, because it has been rolled on a new road of science and technology in September 6th – Sohu, Lenovo Group released two Moto Z series of new products — the main light, the thickness is only 5.2mm Moto Z and MotoZ Play long life, listed in the same period of 5 Chinese intelligent module is also fully rub the eye – Debut ZOOM, TRUE HASSELBLAD Hasselblad camera module -JBL module, audio speaker friction friction – projection module, power module and battery friction friction fan back shell module. After many media made lively on the modular mobile phone, there are many articles on Moto Z will turn to overtake, there is no possibility of overtaking in my point of view, because the Moto Z mobile phone with the traditional business model and have different gameplay, they obviously have not in the same lane, what about the bend overtaking? The new intelligent mobile phone constantly, but gradually squeezed to a narrow iPhone7, apple iPhone7 plus in September 8th as promised, objectively speaking, A10 chip, dual camera, dual speakers, cancel 3.5mm headset interface…… These changes to the intelligent mobile phone industry will have a great influence and touch, but unfortunately, Apple’s innovation became routine in slowly, especially in some of the details of the improvement of the software, and even can be said that Yu An inspired by the Android 6 system, the hardware upgrade and the Android camp has similar. Although iPhone7 as the tenth generation of iPhone, can be said to be the best iPhone, but iPhone innovation has become a lack of innovation in the entire smart phone industry. In fact, not just Apple, Android also has many new mini camp, but a breakthrough innovation problem. The market has begun to do double camera, then a few months, filled with new products are on the market of popular double perturbation scheme; fast charge, so it will soon become the Android mobile phone standard; Xiaolong 820 chip started to supply the market immediately there will be a lot of so-called Xiaolong 820 flagship machine. I think that the global smart mobile phone shipments this year are Q1, Q2 continuous appear close to zero growth, partly because after years of rapid growth, the market has become saturated, another important aspect is the innovation, because intelligent mobile phone are crowded in the narrow local parts micro innovation, which leads to the user the replacement of the desire in constant attenuation. If the Moto Z does not have 16 friction magnetic point I think Moto, Z is a most outstanding industrial design products, but because of the friction of magnetic and modular functions, I think it is Moto, Lenovo, also opened up a new world for consumers. Mobile phone innovation mode to start from the bottom, will be more thoroughly the Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing at the press conference to direct the local expression of Moto Z in favor of Yang Yuanqing admits: "inside the association, we all know that Moto Z is the principal at the Yang Yuanqing project, because from the first in Moto.相关的主题文章: