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"Music" easy to confused: "financing personnel shocks recently denied the true, easy to about two explosive news quickly in the circle of friends scraper: one is the founder of Hang Zhou turnover, LETV veteran Peng Gang will take over the post of CEO; the other is easy to a new round of financing totaling 6 billion yuan. According to market rumors, the pre financing easily to the valuation of 17 billion yuan, 23 billion yuan after financing. In this regard, easy to relevant responsible person said, although the company is indeed in the next round of financing, but the size of the specific financing to the official announcement of the future amount. However, a rumor huanshuai. Easy to believe that a thing is not out of coaching friends for company financing and forge sniper remarks. With the merger, the Shenzhou car drops with excellent step into C2C, easy to face the increasingly powerful competitors. But as part of the "music", the car market layout is not like other companies, but the layout with the music as ecology. Internet analyst Tang Xin pointed out that the current between the easy to LETV is still not formed good cooperative effect, while the car field can not accommodate too many companies, making it easy to position a little embarrassed. Personnel turbulence rumors recently denied, Zhou hang, Peng Gang took office, the news was reported by major media. According to the reporter, as music holding CMO Peng just in March this year for the first time to the identity of the president of the car to debut. At that time, in addition to the appointment of Peng Gang as president, original music as holding senior investment officer sun was appointed as vice president of the car easy to investment, easy to car is responsible for the investment and financing business, reporting to Zheng Xiaoming as senior vice president of global capital and hang zhou. Stationed easy to, Peng Gang not only led to the easy to charge back and marketing activities, but also frequent foreign voice. Hang Zhou also changed from the beginning of March before the high profile, then rarely to accept an interview. Peng Gang and other executives involved in music as easy to let the outside world can not help but guess, personnel changes may mean that the music as a whole will take over easy, easy to founder, CEO Zhou hang or be exposed to overhead. However, this speculation has been easily denied to the public relations department. For financing and move things, easy to the relevant person in charge told reporters that the company recently is financing, the specific financing scale please official amounts to be continued, the file is not true. But one thing Huanshuai is purely rumor, it is easy to check to ongoing financing, "easy to retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility". The coaching estimate is unlikely, but easy to have the potential to increase the proportion of employees in the company letv." Internet analyst Ge a in the China business reporter, said the car is easy to arrange personnel will be very careful. Because once zhouhang leave, will destroy the continuity of company strategy, "in addition, car industry in addition to competition ability, but also need to have the iconic corporateprofile." In addition to increasing the proportion of music, as well as the staff, easy to high-level may also be stationed as music. On the other hand, Ge believes that easy to advance the news leaked ahead of the news, it may be that it hopes to raise the valuation through speculation. This is the music as early as the rumors of the acquisition of the Amazon has a common internal logic. It is understood,.相关的主题文章: