Nanchong Fu to break the affair by lover beaten

Nanchong Fu to break the affair by beating her lover in the establishment and cut off the violence of a man in the foreign affair, but he actually came from the field of Nanchong, the stress into a hotel. (13), the reporter from the Shunqing District People’s court was informed that due to violent sexual abuse of former lover, foreign man in November 10th by the Institute of Far East Gu sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months. Work with evil iseefair marry a man with a few years ago, and gave birth to a lovely daughter. The spring of 2015, she and fellow sisters to work in Guangdong. In the meantime, she met with a married man in Guangdong to work in the far east. Two people know each other, free time often play together. Time for a long time, his wife did not stand in the side of Gu Yuandong could not stand the loneliness, he began to pursue the pursuit of AI, was initially rejected by her. Gu Yuandong did not give up, step up the offensive and petty win over her, in the summer of 2015, two people set up an affair. But two lover after a period of time, iseefair reflects on their ridiculous behavior, feel so sorry your family, deeply uneasy heart, then up to Gu Yuandong, but Gu Yuandong strongly disagreed, even after the divorce to marry his AI Fen, the more frightened her. Then, in November 2015, AI Fen even without going through the formalities of resignation, it Frence leave. She changed her phone number and vowed never to see the far east. Recommended reading: Chengdu 90 women outside marriage for love unexpectedly after being lovers to sex video blackmail the official sacked hall and the deputy attorney general bribery two jailed Sichuan woman lover has abandon boyfriend too poor lover also stabbed her boyfriend with Valentine’s enemies in Jiangyang woman holding a 400 thousand yuan IOU to the tragedy caused Leshan Dun lover affair married woman playing with fire Valentine was stabbed after breaking up lovers come to Nanchong in early 2016, a company working in AI fen. Can one day in March, she suddenly received a phone call from Gu Yuandong, the familiar voice startled her original, since she left, Gu Yuandong Chafanbusi, soon resigned to return home, and all around, finally contacted AI fen. Gu Yuandong said he would come to visit Nanchong. He begged him not to come. She had a family, and he wanted to break up with him, but Gu Yuandong didn’t do it. At noon on March 20th, she received a phone call from Gu Yuandong, said he had been to Nanchong, asked to meet her. After being rejected, Gu Yuandong said: "you do not see me, I will come to your company to find you." In fact, he did not know the specific location of her company, just to scare her. But iseefair afraid, but in the company to find good sisters, accompany her to see Gu Yuandong, 3 people talk, let Gu Yuandong go home, don’t give iseefair trouble. In the evening, Gu Yuandong also received a phone call, said he could not bear to leave her, but also want to see her side. She had no choice but to call her sister and meet Gu Yuandong. Gu said that he must return home second days. The next day, gu.相关的主题文章: