Nanjing real estate broker intermediary business revenue plummeted

Nanjing real estate broker intermediary business revenue plummeted in Nanjing to implement the regulation of real estate policy, second-hand housing turnover decline month by month, many real estate brokers a month is zero turnover. When the market is hot, real estate intermediary stores opened one after another, brokers are also expanding. Today, no turnover, employee turnover, store closed, has appeared in a number of areas in Nanjing. [small intermediary broker] today put up the shutters by base salary by the Jiangsu radio and television news center, the reporter came to the Nanjing Xianlin, Xianyin Beilu in large and small 7 intermediary, a real estate intermediary has pulled the door. Next an intermediary broker Mike, is outside the shop around, when it comes to the front of the market, Li said, much faster than the cold, now to winter. Xiao Li said that he has not opened this month, there is no single transaction; now buyers have entered a state of wait and see, few people come out to see the house. Xiao Li said, now his monthly income is only a few thousand yuan salary. [monthly salary from 10000 yuan to 1000 yuan of new staff to find another way] and in a month and a half ago, Xiao Li is no room in the shop is not idle, with guest house, is to run real estate trading center to send, natural income is also very objective. Li said that some time ago, as long as there is a hand in the hands of customers, basically able to clinch a deal; monthly income can reach more than twenty thousand yuan. A major market reversal, Li said that many newly recruited colleagues who have begun to find a way out. Li said, he is also prepared to look again. After the transfer of second-hand housing zero broker to the rental market, then, the reporter came to the West has been more active in the plate, in the Mt. Hengshan Road, a real estate agent has been closed, the store began to transfer. In a chain of real estate intermediary stores, no customers, brokers simply chat at the door. Broker Xiao Yi said, in the second-hand housing prices still no signs of price, many landlords rent for resale, are now on the rental market. A real estate broker said that due to the office of the west side of the office is more, and now the real estate agent’s income on the part of the rental house. [intermediary closed phenomenon in Nanjing over a number of regional] real estate intermediary closed and leaving the phenomenon also spread to several regions in Nanjing, in the north of the bridge, a large real estate agency, a month zero turnover. The reporter learned that, in the background of market regulation, not only small intermediary can not stay, even some brands intermediary also adhere to the teeth, intermediary even begin to leave early. Due to the second-hand housing turnover is lagging behind, October turnover also topped 12307 units, which is the vast majority of the deal before the new deal, the new deal after the market is quite deserted.相关的主题文章: