NASA observed water vapor jet or Europa suspected the presence of life jinshen

NASA observed water vapor jet or suspected Europa life existing in the original title: NASA observed water vapor jet Europa Europa vapor jet favorable research suspected underground ocean Harbert telescope photographed picture. (source: and the NASA website) Beijing, September 27 Xinhua comprehensive report, using NASA’s Harbert telescope (NASA), astronomers captured on Europa may be vapor eruption plume images, the scientists may not need to drill through Europa’s ice, you can study the underground sea. NASA expert Geoff Yoder said the underground sea is considered to be the most Europa hope life exists places in the solar system. The water vapor plume, if it exists, can provide another way of underground europa. According to scientists, these plumes erupt to a height of about 200 kilometers. According to previous research, Europa has a huge ocean water storage capacity may be two times the earth in Shanghai ocean, but the thickness of the unknown, extremely cold hard ice protection. This may be the discovery of NASA water vapor plume flow, without landing or drill through Europa’s ice, collect underground ocean samples provides a good opportunity. It is located in the Antarctic plume Europa, scientists believe it is intermittent eruption, because they observed ten times within 15 months, only three of them saw the plume. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: