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National Day during highway free   Anhui self driving tour hot (Figure) – Anhui Channel – original title: National Day during highway free Anhui self driving travel hot (Figure) in October 3rd, Mount Tianzhu after the rain, picturesque scenery, tourists. The same day, a total of 51 thousand tourists in Mount Tianzhu scenic area. Photo by Huang Junying in October 3rd, eight in the river Yingshang County Area ushered in the golden week the first peak reception day, tourists 62 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 4.7%. Wang Linhong photo October 6th, Anhui traffic control group employees, and colleagues from Shitai Xian Xian mountain drive back to Hefei, the end of a 3 day trip by car. In order to avoid peak travel, they chose to leave on October 4th, but did not expect to catch up with the return peak. "Plug, really! Real traffic long time display, urban high-speed beltway several main roads are all red!" Although traffic jams can not be avoided, but Zhang Manjun believes that the car is still very convenient travel, holiday highway toll free, self driving travel can be said to go!" With the accessibility of the traffic network and the increase of the number of residents, more and more tourists choose to travel by car. National Tourism Bureau recently released data show that tourists travel through into the area ratio decreased from 60% in 2015 to 70% in 2010 20% to 30%, and the self driving tour has become the main way of visitors to the scenic area, accounting for 75% of the total number of tourists. Xuancheng Anhui Nanchuan reservoir exploration line, Anqing to listen to the Huangmei opera, to Bozhou for Northern Anhui folk, poetry and pastoral sentiment to Yixian County…… The golden week, the province’s main scenic spots are full of self driving travel vehicles. "Now the highway access to the province’s 16 cities, 98% counties and half hours on high speed. With the advent of the era of mass tourism, self driving tour has gradually become the main force of tourism in Anhui." Provincial Tourism Bureau, said the person in charge of market development department. It is not easy to find a parking space in wanda!" In October 4th, Hefei Road, John drove the young white-collar family went to the new town near Wanda text brigade "early adopters", "did not expect such a high popularity, eat, have long time queuing ticket!" National Day golden week is coming to an end, where the most scenic spots where the most popular? Mount Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua or eight mile river? Are wrong, the answer is Hefei Wanda city tour! This set of cultural, commercial, tourism in one of the large-scale theme park, food, travel, entertainment and shopping can get a one-stop, just opened quickly won the favor of tourists. According to the Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics, from October 1st to 5, a total of more than 20 million people received a total of more than 60 passengers, an average of more than 12 passengers a day, which in October 4th reached a peak of more than 173 thousand and 200 visitors. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: