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The National Day holiday Chinese 593 million tourists — Jiangsu window — original title: National Day holiday Chinese 593 million tourists Chinese National Tourism Bureau data center estimates, the national day 7 day holiday, China 593 million passengers were tourists, an increase of 12.8%, total tourism income of 482 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%. Railway sector statistics show that 10 days before the National Day holiday, the national railway passenger to send a total of 108 million passengers, an increase of 9.3%, the National Day holiday. National Tourism Bureau disclosure 7, National Day holiday tourism market continued unpopular, tourism revenue increased significantly; especially in Beijing, Tianjin, Hainan and other traditional national long-term tourism destination of tourists and income increase steadily. During the National Day holiday, the National Tourism Administration launched the first national tourism industry operation monitoring and emergency command platform, through the platform for domestic and international important holiday tourism work scheduling. According to the characteristics of this year during the National Day holiday, major scenic spots full of tourists security pressures, this year, the National Tourism Administration should conscientiously implement the special requirements of scenic spots ticket reservation system, formulate control measures and the development of the peak flow of tourists tourists emergency plan, improve safety protection facilities, to do a good job in peak travel service. In order to ensure that the amount of tourists in some scenic spots have been effectively controlled, all over the ticket booking, diversion limit, publicity and other measures to guide tourists holiday travel. Beijing the Imperial Palace ticket booking during the holiday season, and the implementation of the daily maximum of 80 thousand passenger traffic restrictions, visitors travel experience has improved. Jiangsu city of Yangzhou Province, Slender West Lake scenic area on the maximum carrying capacity of 179060 people, the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of 22148 people, the number reached the maximum carrying capacity of 60%, orange signal warning, scenic spot through the radio electronic screen to remind visitors; reached 80%, red alert, door stop ticket, through the emergency plan timely tourist park. Outbound tourism, countries to further relax the visa policy for Chinese tourists, Chinese citizens outbound tourism environment significantly improved. According to the National Tourism team service management system shows that from October 1st to 7, the total number of outbound tourists with the group of about 1 million 399 thousand people, the average daily team outbound tour of 200 thousand people, an increase of 11.9%. National Day holiday ten outbound destinations are South Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, France and singapore. Russia has become a dark horse, rose sharply compared to last year 103.1%, visa policy to Morocco, Tonga, Tunisia and other minority areas to a large number of tourists to China, an increase of about 400%, outbound tourism destination choice are more and more diversified. National Tourism Bureau official said, Hong Kong and Macao is no longer as the preferred outbound holiday, a weekend, short-term or exit transfer station which trend to Hong Kong tourists 9322 passengers, down 127.48%, went to Macao tourists 2338 passengers, down 162.02%, 7915 tourists to Taiwan, the same)相关的主题文章: