National football World Cup cruised round only 1 points – commentator opportunity is still

National football World Cup cruised round only 1 points – commentator: opportunity is still Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 7th news (reporter Wang Yu) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the China team lost again! Last night, China men’s national team in the home court in Xi’an, the 0-1 team lost to Syria, after the World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of twelve round only one integral, has been behind the top three teams in the same group of at least five. Fans to denounce the media questioned, China teams have a chance to qualify? Chinese team in an unrealistic expectations of high, and once again played a dim, lost to the Syria team. This results in the industry is not surprising, after all, China for twelve strong team to get the chance to race, with the top forty tournament final round of the miracle of the so-called Asia to cooperate, is realizes the biggest breakthrough in fifteen years, the weakest of the group team, in fact, should not be in Syria the team, which should be Chinese team. Football commentator Meng Hongtao said, everyone felt Syria team is probably the weakest team, but by a beat South Korea, and the field of the whole show, or relative to the China team, they are really not weak, a lot of people from the level show competition ability than the strong you. So this ball, you lose, don’t surprise, do better than others, others use tactics, from the performance of the players from some substitutions, the ability to control the game for the game, really very good, this is not a surprise win. In recent years, Syria suffered from the war, Chinese team as the Syria team, this argument seems to be very difficult to let the fans to accept, but just as the emperor’s new clothes fable, is a manifestation of Chinese team real strength is that we need to face the reality of the situation, acknowledge and accept, after all, football is a mirror of society and culture, can not be greatly detached from outside. But from the point of view of the twelve games, the Chinese team has not been any hope of qualifying it? Industry insiders believe that the situation is not so, a total of twelve finals ten round, round a point is not an absolute despair, Jin Zhiyang believes that although the former national team coach, Chinese team in the top twelve ranked moliu, but Chinese team rivals, is not the natural moat gap, if the adjustment well develop a good attitude, behind the game strategy, we hope to achieve better results. Jin Zhiyang believes that we must recognize that, in the world cup 12, we really do not have any advantage. But we are not just being trampled upon, a good spell can talk with each other, but the overall strength, there is a certain gap with each other. But the gap is not can not make up, so, the first not because we play a good game, overbearing, not improperly belittle oneself. We don’t play very well now. China has not yet reached the level of football in Asia, it is sure to rush into the world cup? There is no strength, into the 12 has been very reluctantly. We have to play the level to play a further, Chinese football in accordance with this step by step, as long as the progress, as long as the team effort, play.相关的主题文章: