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The National People’s Congress: individual members of the Hongkong central challenge to the basic law does not matter – Sohu news news (News Network): the twelve session of the twenty-fourth NPC Standing Committee meeting held on the afternoon of 5 group meetings, explain the deliberation of the draft national people’s Congress on the Hongkong Special Administrative region of the basic law article 104th. Members of the special committees of the NPC Standing Committee members attended the meeting and attend the meetings of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) head of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, generally believed that on 104th Hongkong basic law explanation is very timely and very necessary. In recent years, there has been a "Hong Kong Independence" trend of thought in Hongkong society, some people have played the "Hong Kong Independence" banner, the establishment of the Hong Kong Independence Organization, or even illegal violence. In the recent sixth Hongkong SAR Legislative Council swearing in ceremony, a few members elect intentionally violating the oath, declaring that "Hong Kong Independence, insult the country and the nation, was ruled invalid after the oath, still Jiangchuang Council, the Legislative Council to the meeting. These words and deeds defied the law, hinder the normal operation of the Hongkong SAR government, undermine the rule of law in Hongkong, the impact of the principle of "one country two systems the bottom line", which is a serious threat to national sovereignty and security. This kind of situation continues, the Hongkong SAR will damage the vital interests of the residents and the interests of developing countries, the central can not sit idly by. The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in a timely manner to make legal interpretation is to exercise the powers of the Constitution and the basic law of the Hongkong, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the basic law, the proposed meeting of the Standing Committee passed. The participants agreed that the interpretation of the law and the basic law of the National People’s Congress did have the same effect, the legislative interpretation of meaning and legal principles of the oath of office to clarify the provisions, to clarify the vague understanding of Hongkong society, is to safeguard the authority of the basic law, to maintain the overall stability of Hongkong, the Hongkong SAR administrative, legislative and judicial authorities must be one to follow. Participants also discussed the specific content of the draft was fully discussed.相关的主题文章: