NATO in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to strengthen military deployment is refers to contain th-vy canis majoris

NATO in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to strengthen military deployment is refers to contain new network new network in Russia in February – 12, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member of defense ministers agreed to further strengthen the frontier military deployment in Eastern Europe, and is considering sending reconnaissance aircraft to the Middle East, providing support for combat with the Islamic state extremist organizations in Iraq and Syria’s NATO allies. After 10 days’ meeting, the head of NATO led by the United States reached a consensus on strengthening NATO’s capability of defense and deterrence. NATO will reserve more military materials, deploy more troops and expand infrastructure in Eastern Europe, so that the larger NATO troops can quickly reinforce it in case of emergency. This is NATO since the end of the cold war, the first time such a massive military buildup. Russia expressed dissatisfaction with it, saying the move was aimed at deterring russia. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said at a press conference that NATO plans to set up a new major deployment in Eastern Europe multinational force, it will by the Allies military force rotation composition, the force will hold a series of military exercises, and has a corresponding set of logistics and Shi Baozhang, and can achieve rapid deployment of the frontier. He said that this is the key to NATO’s response to a more challenging security environment, and that NATO must respond to threats from any direction, whether it is national or non state. He pointed out that NATO has also made progress in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, which will enhance the key capabilities of NATO’s rapid response force and help Nato make rapid decisions politically and militarily. Britain intends to send more fighters to join the multinational forces, which will be deployed mainly in the Baltic Sea, but also deployed in the North Atlantic, Beihai and the mediterranean. The United States will provide additional 3 billion 400 million dollars to assist NATO in strengthening its deterrent force. In addition to expanding military power and reserve more operational equipment in Eastern Europe, NATO will also increase military rotation speed in countries such as Poland, which are very sensitive to the threat of russia. Russian spokeswoman Zaha Lo Va said in Moscow: "we don’t understand how these actions were provoked.". Their goal is to contain russia."

北约加强在东欧及中东军事部署 被指牵制俄罗斯-中新网   中新网2月12日电 据新加坡《联合早报》报道,北大西洋公约组织(NATO)成员国防长同意进一步加强在东欧地区的前沿军事部署,并考虑派遣侦察机到中东地区,为在伊拉克和叙利亚同“伊斯兰国”极端组织作战的北约盟军提供支援。   以美国为首的北约成员国防长10日开会后,就加强北约的防御和威慑能力达成一致。北约将在东欧地区储备更多军事物资,部署更多军力,扩大基础建设,使更大规模的北约军队能在紧急情况下迅速增援。   这是北约自冷战结束以来,首次如此大规模扩军。俄罗斯方面对此表示不满,认为北约此举是为了震慑俄罗斯。   北约秘书长斯托尔滕贝格在记者会上说,北约计划新组建一支主要部署在中东欧地区的多国部队,它将由盟国的军事力量轮换组成,这支部队将举行系列军事演习,并拥有相应的后勤和基础设施保障,可以实现前沿部署和快速补充。   他说,这也是北约应对更具挑战性的安全环境的关键举措,北约必须应对来自任何方向的威胁,无论是国家还是非国家行为。   他指出,北约还在加强情报、监视和侦察方面取得进展,这将提升北约快速反应部队的关键能力,有助于北约在政治和军事上作出快速决策。   英国打算派遣更多战机加入多国部队,它们主要将部署在波罗的海,但也会部署在北大西洋、北海和地中海。   美国将提供额外34亿美元拨款,协助北约加强威慑力量。除了将在东欧扩大军力和储备更多作战配备之外,北约也会在波兰等对俄罗斯威胁异常敏感的国家提高军队轮换速度。   俄罗斯女发言人扎哈罗娃在莫斯科表示:“我们不明白这些动作是如何被挑起的。他们的目标是牵制俄罗斯。”相关的主题文章: