Net exposure Fuzhou Sanhuan smelled doubt is laid on the asphalt (video)

Net exposure Fuzhou tricyclic shares smell is suspected in asphalt paving at 1:25 am today, a lot of friends @ Fuzhou that point thing: last night, it stinks in here @ low-key Tang teacher: you live in Minjiang basin have friends smell gas? @FZ old man: near the juyuanzhou ring do not know where the smell of diesel. @ right health: the whole city is believed to melt the whole city is the smell of kerosene…… @ 83510: Purple Stars Jinshan Sanhuan everywhere smell of diesel oil. @xiayu clear: Jinshan Park Road, golden coast near Sanhuan area smell the strong smell of gas! What circumstances, confirmation. Netizens bubble hot I in Hong Kong, 11 o’clock last night there, is the smell of kerosene. It is said that there is a car overturned xylene, the whole Fuzhou can smell. Last night in the suffocating state of sleep [laughs cry] yesterday morning to smell the smell of the Tesco sleep last night across the entire West Sanhuan overhaul, from agricultural to Pu this section on the ring road in the vicinity of asphalt paving Wanda, just feel strange what is concentrated flavor in a panic he didn’t dare to sleep in the thaihot red margin []. I smelled.. Is that gasoline or diesel or something? This morning, the reporter contacted the relevant departments to understand the situation! Environmental protection department, said: according to the environmental protection department duty officer, last night did not receive complaints and reflect. Hotline 12369 also did not receive the relevant circumstances. If the public has complaints, then the team will arrive at the scene for the first time to deal with. According to informed sources: last week, Jinshan area odor, it does. After verification, is a three ring road paving asphalt, asphalt flavor has been more pungent and thick, coupled with the hot weather, volatile faster and stronger. What is the result of that? Relevant departments are still further investigation and verification! East Express reporter Liu Xing southeast Express (micro-blog) new media coverage related video: your home in the shrimp formaldehyde? Formaldehyde smell children buy red shrimp shrimp in your home? Buy red shrimp "bad smell"相关的主题文章: