Net loan to bear the brunt of heavy There was no parallel in history.

Net loan fund to bear the brunt of sina heavy There was no parallel in history. exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Yesterday, the State Council issued a formal, complete focus on remediation field of P2P net loan, public equity raise, the Internet insurance next year before the end of March. At the same time, the relevant departments issued a dense package. Insiders pointed out that, regardless of the scope and intensity of the current regulatory risk under the mutual gold hit punch, are There was no parallel in history.. According to the schedule, regulation regulation of Internet financial risk has entered the most critical implementation of the rectification stage, and completed in November this year before the end of. So, for the next Internet banking in many companies, especially those that are not regulated enterprises, will face the rectification, transformation, and even out. Among them, P2P net loan bear the brunt. The topic of Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Xiaoli, Geng Xujing, Zhou Hui, Lin Lin, yesterday, the State Council officially issued the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the financial risks of the Internet special rectification work carried out comprehensive arrangements for the deployment, demands in the field of P2P net loan, public equity raise, Internet insurance and other centralized regulation, and asked to complete the rectification work before the end of March next year. One of the strict supervision of real estate finance, such as the strict prohibition of down payment loans, shall not engage in the transfer of debt, etc.. P2P, the public to raise equity business regulation: online and offline together according to incomplete statistics, as of the end of June 2016, net loan institutions nationwide operating a total of 2349, loan balance of 621 billion 261 million yuan, two data than the end of 2014, up 49.1% and 499.7% respectively. But at the end of June 2016, the national total platform more than 1700, accounting for about 43.1% of the total number of institutions. The comprehensive renovation for net loan industry expanded through diagnostic investigation, classification and disposal and acceptance of three steps. Rong 360 financial analysts pointed out that, in accordance with the regulation of the schedule, the net loan industry of diagnostic investigation work has been completed, the platform is classified as what type and what are the classification and disposal is of vital importance to the future development platform. Classification and disposal work requirements by the end of November 2016, can not meet the compliance requirements of the platform or be eliminated. Net loan regulation scheme of comprehensive diagnostic investigation results, identify the net loan agency compliance and the degree of risk, the nature and seriousness of the illegal illegal factors, social harm degree, treatment methods, the net loan institutions into compliance, rectification, banned three major classes, making differential measures classification and disposal. It is worth mentioning that, to ban such net loan institutions, the government does not assume responsibility to reveal all the details. It is worth noting that the mutual gold regulation scheme that net loan platform shall not engage in offline marketing, net loan regulation scheme also pointed out that the line under the overall governance, focus on special rectification rectification and banned Internet companies online and offline illegal or carried out over the range of net loan business, net loan to carry out on behalf of illegal set theory相关的主题文章: